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Jeb and Dash  | Open: 06/22/05 Close: 06/26/05
Ina Russell inherited the diaries from her uncle, Jeb Alexander, and adapted them into the book, Jeb and Dash: A Diary of Gay Life. It chronicles Jeb's coming to terms with his sexuality, his circle of friends, and the one love of his life, Dash.

The play is a celebration of gay life in the 1920's and 30's. Jeb and Dash are reuinted when they coincidentally rent rooms at the YMCA in Washington D.C. Their mutual attraction develops into love and their relationship is tested by their ambitions and dreams. The play also introduces the "family" that Jeb cherished. They include Isador (a cross-dresser who is kicked out of the YMCA for dressing as a herioine from La Traviata), Max (a visual artist), Hans and Nicky (Max's handsome subjects) and Randall (the playboy knows for his sexual conquests and his ability to "play straight").


Milton's Way  | Open: 04/06/05 Close: 04/10/05
A comedy about a gay man's search for love and self in Milton's Way.

During the course of the play, Milton ages from 17 to 40, as we see the many men that he sleeps with and learns from along the way. The play begins with the Stonewall riots and Milton in bed with Ochs. It is his first sexual experience and he learns from Ochs that there are two types of gay men - "homosexuals and faggots." in 1974, Milton is in a relationship with his college professor and he learns that men do not have relationships or fall in love with other men. This lesson is challenged in the last two scenes of Act One as Milton struggles with his relationships with Bradley and Pip. He winds up losing them both (one to different expectations and the other to AIDS).

Act Two finds a bitter Milton after the death of his lover Pip. His mother tries to intervene to no success and Milton turns to two former lovers (George and Bradley). As Milton begins to make changes in his life, a chance encounter with a hustler gives him the opportunity to be the teacher to the new student.