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Little Eyolf  | Open: 04/14/06 Close: 05/07/06
Following up last season's riveting THE MASTER BUILDER, Fresh Look Theatre returns with another new translation/adaptation of Ibsen, the comparatively little known LITTLE EYOLF. This time the themes are quasi-incestuous feelings, cross-gender play, possessiveness, and self-delusion. A tragic accident ignites an explosion of unexpressed resentment and desire that exposes the weak foundations of the Allmers' marriage. It is a biting portrait of a marriage poisoned by doubt and self-delusion that illuminates Ibsen's reputation as a precursor to Freud -- not to mention Shepard and Albee -- and illustrates why his characters continue to resonate with today's audience. Despite a profoundly sad central event, the play ends in a fairly positive resolution -- for Ibsen, very positive!
The Master Builder  | Open: 04/08/05 Close: 04/30/05
The Master Builder is one of Ibsen's later, spiritually-concerned plays. A middle-aged architect, racked with guilt and fear, encounters a free-spirited young woman with a mysterious agenda. While the play was written in 1892, many of the issues it deals with--aging, guilt, a May-November attraction, spontaneity and its consequences, the grip of the past, the vagaries of memory, the power of the will, the craving for transcendence--are inherent in the human condition, and so they remain relevant and fascinating today.