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Seven 11.2005  | Open: 03/31/05 Close: 04/18/05
Desipina & Company's seven.11.2005 is a series of seven 11-minute plays set in the American convenience store, a dominant American consumer presence from coast to coast and the ideal symbol for the mini-productions which challenge and redefine existing stereotypes of immigrant convenience store employees while exploring the diversity of South Asian nd Asian Pacific American cultural experiences. .

The seven plays for this year's production are:
Paris by Anuvab Pal
An 11-minute conversation without consequence on a lazy Paris afternoon

S.A.M.O.S.A. by Debargo Sanyal
Students Ho, Cho and Mo get down and dirty with student club politics and deli snacks

Salesgirl by Celena Cipriaso
Two strangers at different points in their romantic relationship examine the nature of love

Beckoning Cat by J.P. Chan
Waiting for the lucky numbers at a convenience store can prove to be an unlucky business

Intimate with the Locals by Rachael Astarte Piccone
In malaria pill-induced paranoia, Evie, an insomniac writer, recounts her recent heartbreak in Bombay to Mohit, the store clerk who truly deserves her heart.

Color Me Desi by Rishi Chowdhary
A liquor-run to the convenience store before the big desi party uncovers there are more shades of brown than there are colors to Holi

SOONDERELLA: A fairy tale of a different colour
A new musical by Samrat Chakrabarti and Sanjiv Jhaveri
After last year's widely successful A Very Desi Christmas, a pop musical adaptation of Scrooge, SOONDERELLA is another 11-minute musical set in the convenience store

Seven.11 Convenience Theatre  | Open: 03/30/06 Close: 04/16/06
Fourth annual series exploring the alternately funny and poignant aspects of immigrant life in America via seven eleven-minute plays and musicals--all set within the confines of a 7-11 convenience store.

The plays include:

Bombay Screams by Rehana Mirza. An unemployed actor from Broadway's "Bombay Dreams" toils at the 7-11...until an up-and-coming female playwright comes in and sweeps him off his feet. Is it true love or just a messy Slushee?

Who Killed Mr. Naidu First? by Samrat Chakrabarti and Sanjiv Jhaveri. With 3 suspects and a heinous crime, a musical "whodunnit" that will send you singing and screaming from the convenience store!

Homecoming by Celena Cipriaso. A young woman stumbles into a convenience store to find her past.

The Old New World by J.P. Chan. In the year 2106, superpowers fight for their right to claim the Jewel of Ancient America.

Undone by Elizabeth Emmons. Two girls stop for supplies on a run away trip to Mexico to escape an arranged marriage.

Jaffna Mangoes by Vishakan Jeyakumar. Race relations in a convenience store in Sunnyside Queens makes life juicier than the juiciest of mangos.

Kung Fu Hustle by Jackson Loo. A Chinese-American teen, convinced that learning Kung Fu should be easy for him since its part of his heritage, struggles to master the art in a hurry to impress a pretty martial arts instructor.