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Offspring  | Open: 03/03/06 Close: 03/19/06
Offspring, directed by Stacy Waring, is a provocative drama about the obsessive desire of a wealthy white woman to have a child
by a youmg blalck militant for what she thinks are all the right reasons. The play challenges common views about race, family and
community. It is for mature audiences only.
Shakin' The Mess Outta Misery  | Open: 04/11/05 Close: 04/11/05
Daughter, a young woman, says goodbye to the last of her caretakers. Women in the community raised her and taught her things she needed to know as a woman. Her Big Mamas prepare Daughter to go to the river, a rite of passage. Along the way, Daughter learns about how Big Mama, Aunt Mae, Miss Corine, and the rest of the women came to be strong, self-reliant Black women. She also learns about herself and the mystery behind her mother's absence. Secrets are revealed and a young life is changed forever in the climax of this touching, funny drama.