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A Midsummer Night's Dream  | Open: 03/19/05 Close: 04/02/05
Take four young lovers, a dark forest, a group of ham actors and the King and Queen of the
Fairies (not to mention their followers), mix them together and you have the recipe for love and laughter. Where fantasy becomes reality and reality can seem less than an illusion. One of the Bard's best-loved works.

An Equity Showcase

Coriolanus  | Open: 06/14/06 Close: 06/25/06
CORIOLANUS, thought by T.S. Eliot to be Shakespeare's greatest tragedy, is the story of an impossible man. Coriolanus is early Republican Rome's military hero, driven from the city then begged to spare it; a politician who refuses to indulge in spin and who will not disguise his contempt for the people; the infantilized son of one Shakespeare's most powerful and fascinating women, Volumnia.
Julius Caesar  | Open: 08/07/05 Close: 08/20/05
Shakespeare's drama about political intrigue, the corruption of power, manipulation of the masses and how even the "noblest of them all" can be destroyed by doing what he fervently believes is right.

The play is an Equity Showcase.

Romeo & Juliet  | Open: 01/13/06 Close: 01/28/06
The Shakespeare classic - set in Early Renaissance Verona.
The Winter's Tale  | Open: 03/18/05 Close: 04/02/05
A seldom-seen romance work of the Bard's, The Winter's Tale explores the follies of jealousy and suspicion as well as the hope of redemption. When Leontes, King of Sicilla, wrongly suspects his friend Polixenes of having an affair with his wife, he sets in motion a tale of tragedy which may continue unto the next generation unless it can be stopped in time.

An Equity Showcase