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A Perfect Couple  | Open: 06/17/08 Close: 07/12/08
A PERFECT COUPLE is a story about three best friends -- Amy, Issac and Emma -- and their young next door neighbor, Josh. After fifteen years of dating/living together/taking breaks and now, moving upstate, Amy and Isaac are finally tying the knot. Emma, their single best friend, has decided to get out of the city and join them for a summer weekend in the country. Over the long weekend, secrets are revealed and bonds are tested, forcing these friends to discover who they are now, versus who they thought they would become. Brooke Berman's newest play raises pressing questions about loyalty, partnerships, and modern love.
The Information She Carried  | Open: 03/24/05 Close: 04/16/05
In 1920 Ray Chapman became the only player in the history of Major League Baseball to have been killed by a baseball in a game. Many years later, a sportswriter/ high school baseball coach and current owner of the collectible, sent one of his players to his car to grab a ball to practice with. The kid innocently took the death ball instead. On the very first pitch, the ball was hit, went up the third baseline, took a very funny hop, and seriously injured the third baseman. These are historical facts.

The Information She Carried surrounds the story of lifelong conspiracy theorist SHARON NORTH who will not be deceived anymore! She needs to know the truth behind some of the world's most notorious cover-ups – JFK, Roswell, Moon Landing, Alien Autopsy, 9/11, etc. Having concocted a well thought out theory that the "Chapman Death Ball" was actually the work of the infamous Illuminati and holds unspeakable power, she aims to steal it, and then trade it for the answers she has so longed for. Having arranged a meeting, Sharon begins to realize the truth about where she is and the strange woman speaking to her, and tries desperately to change the way things will turn out, hoping that she still might discover one bit of truth.