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Catholic School Girls  | Open: 03/09/05 Close: 03/13/05
"I have eyes in the back of my head! Jesus Christ put them there Himself!" Catholic School Girls is a satirical memory play that follows the lives of four girls from Grades 1 through 8. The story humorously & poignantly explores what it means to have come of age Catholic & female during the turbulent and liberating 1960s. The nuns are either tough or mentally addled, the girls are alternately best friends and bitter enemies, and the references to their families are full of allusions to the abuse and everyday neglect that, during the time in which the play is set (1962-70), was deemed acceptable behavior.
Mrs. California  | Open: 03/15/06 Close: 04/01/06
Set in 1955, Baizley's serio-comic work looks at the problems "Rosie the Riveter" faced when the "fighting" men came home from the Second World War and society tried to go back to pre-12/07/41. Here, Dot, a former ensign the WAVES, who was instrumental in saving a navel convoy, struggles to maintain her individuality and not become just another "happy homemaker" as she competes for the title of "Mrs. California," A New York City Premiere.

Produced by River Heights Productions by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Services.