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To create, develop, write, produce and showcase dedicated and well rounded actors.

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Unveilings  | Open: 04/26/05 Close: 04/30/05
Directed By: Chuck Patterson
Produced By: Hazel Dolphy
Co-Produced By: Robb Cheeks

UNVEILINGS is the story of a strong African-American family, the WATERFORD'S, a people of deep lineage who are financially, intellectually and culturally sound. A former college professor chooses to spend her last days on her parents estate. On this, her birthday, she receives as gifts - revelations of lies, deception and cheated years with the man she loved. Three generations of women drive the plot of this play. The themes of deception, jealousy, love, favorites and secrets manifests themselves in the tearing and torn relationships between mothers, daughters and sisters. This beautiful work, is strong on character, set in an appealing environment, exposing the ugliness people can do to one another, even if they share blood.