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Gun Play: The World's First Live-Action Video Game  | Open: 01/12/06 Close: 02/04/06
GUN PLAY is a celebration of firearms as they are represented in American popular culture. Drawing parallels between real violence and imagined violence, the performance will recreate the world of 3-D first-person-shooter videogames on stage while integrating videogame footage using high-tech video and computers. The audience, wearing headphones (Quake Convention style), watch the gun and gamer world come to life with an all-star cast of real-life gun relevant personalities like Hunter S. Thompson, Ted Nugent, William S. Burroughs and John Carmack (the guy who made Doom & Quake who is personally responsible for major advances in 3d graphics), et al. The cast plays videogames, manipulate realistic weaponry, and step into the shoes of real life personalities.
The Maids  | Open: 03/17/05 Close: 04/09/05
Staged at a very creepy 5,000 square foot warehouse turned art space, The Maids eerily goes inside the disturbed minds of two servant girls (played here by two men) plotting the murder of their haughty mistress. Impersonating the grating qualities of the Madame, the two girls all too realistically, role-play how they are going to do the deed in a dangerous mise-en-scène. After the Madame returns from the police precinct supporting her monsieur for a crime that the maids framed him for, they incompetently try and realize the game they had been playing and finally kill her. When they fail, unbeknownst to Madame, the game takes a dangerous and unexpected turn!