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DAMAGED GOODS  | Open: 03/02/17 Close: 03/18/17
It was supposed to be an easy job: trail the bad girl heiress and report her doings to dubious daddy. But private dick Thomas Sparks finds out the hard way that nothing is what it seems as he’s lured through a lethal labyrinth of love, lies and larceny towards…Celerys?  NYCs oldest LGBT theater company is back. And this time, its murder.

Produced by TOSOS in Association with Emerging Artists Theatre

The cast includes Virginia Baeta, Elizabeth Bell, Jamie Heinlein, Karen Stanion, and Casey Weaver. 


TOSOS (“The Other Side of Silence”) is dedicated to preserving the theatrical heritage of the LGBTQ community through the development of new plays by emerging artists as well as revivals of established works. Their productions honestly explore the unique LGBTQ experience and cultural sensibilities in a life-affirming and respectful way. In 1974, Off-Off Broadway veteran Doric Wilson, cabaret star Billy Blackwell, and director Peter dell Valle, started the first professional gay theatre company in NYC. It was called The Other Side of Silence; TOSOS for short. In 2002, directors Mark Finley, Barry Childs, and playwright Wilson resurrected TOSOS. The company has produced over 25 main-stage shows and so many readings of new plays and works in progress they have trouble counting them all. TOSOS recently won The New York Innovative Theatre Award for Best Revival of a Play for Doric Wilson’s play, Street Theatre

Eirebrushed  | Open: 11/15/16 Close: 11/19/16
Four revolutionaries meet in the afterlife, 100 years after the 1916 rising to tell the hidden stories of the lives of some of the heroes who would not ‘fit’ the vision of the new ‘Republic of equals’ that was promised in the glorious revolution.

Full of humour, pathos and actual testimony, Eirebrushed seeks to challenge the conventional Irish Republican stereotype to set out the contribution of lesbian and gay people at a time of struggle to overcome oppression in Ireland. The play records their words used in inspirational poetry and speeches as they struggled to create a society where, as the Proclamation promised “no minority would be subject to the will of the majority.” Produced by TOSOS.

The all-Irish cast stars award-winning actress Maria Blaney as Nurse Elizabeth O’Farrell, who was famously airbrushed out of the 1916 surrender photograph; Flo McSweeney as author, trade unionist and activist sister of Countess Markievicz, Eva Gore Booth; John Kelly as poet-turned-revolutionary Padraig Pearse; and Stephen Gorman as human rights activist Roger Casement. 

"Eirebrushed is an emotional, inspirational, and thought-provoking piece. Not just about heroes from the past and their fight for a free Ireland, it tackles the broader topic of censorship and the price we pay for censoring ourselves.”  - Seraina Vogel, The

"Fascinating and acted with such brio and immediacy…I was challenged by the 'truths' presented" - Liam Murphy, Munster Express

In Lavender Songs; A Queer Cabaret In Weimar Berlin, “Tante Fritzy,” a famous cabaret artiste, of Berlin Weimar Cabaret, takes the audience on a wild and racy ride through her gender-bender world, singing her favorite songs of the day.

The show is based on an evening created by Alan Lareau for the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. in conjunction with the exhibition Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945.

Written & performed by Jeremy Lawrence 
Directed by Jason Jacobs 
Produced TOSOS


Musically Speaking: The World of John Wallowitch  | Open: 02/17/05 Close: 03/12/05
The World of John Wallowitch is a tale of how we live, learn and love in the big
city--as told in the words and music of legendary New York Cabaret icon John Wallowitch.

Musically Speaking is an ongoing series of revues celebrating the careers, achievements and contributions of gay composers and lyricists, presented by TOSOS II as part of The Billy Blackwell Theater Project. This cabaret revue is presented under the Actor's Equity Manhattan Experimental Theatre Code.

New York Minutes...a revue of the songs of John Wallowitch  | Open: 04/01/06 Close: 04/29/06
A revue from the songs of cabaret icon John Wallowitch which sings of swank parties, dimly lit dives and late-night gatherings where strangers become life long friends and love suddenly arrives just as quickly as departs---all in a New York Minute.
REBEL BOY FIREWORKS  | Open: 11/03/16 Close: 11/13/16
Dennis Massey, an Elsinora, Tennessee gossip columnist, photo journalist, musical director, community theatre costume designer, event planner and the sole contributor to The Busy Bee, society column flashes us back to 1966 and the events that will forever live in small town infamy. A southern fried comic tour-de-farce co-written and performed by Byron Loyd.

Written Byron Loyd and Susan Morse 
Directed by Mark Finley 
Performed by Byron Loyd

Director Mark Finley explains the importance and timeliness of the piece, “With the Stonewall Riots of 1969, the invisible community of gays and lesbians fiercely took on greater visibility in America. But gays and lesbians have always been part of the nation’s social fabric—often hiding in plain sight.  Rebel Boy Fireworks flashes back to 1966 and disproves of any notion that those pre-Stonewall days were a simpler time.”

Rebel Boy Fireworks is running in repertory with Lavender Songs; A Queer Cabaret In Weimar Berlin written and performed by Jeremy Lawrence, directed by Jason Jacobs. More info is available at

STREET THEATER  | Open: 09/20/17 Close: 10/04/17
Set in Greenwich Village June 28, 1969, shortly before the first brick was thrown at the Stonewall Inn, Doric Wilson's legendary satire STREET THEATER follows the exploits of the cruisers, drag queens, undercover cops, dykes, hippies, mobsters and bystanders (innocent and otherwise) as they catapult toward the moment that changed the course of history.

Produced by TOSOS

The cast features Tim Abrams, Chris Andersson, Christopher Borg, Desmond Dutcher, Chris Harcum, Russell Jordan, Josh Kenney, Jeremy Lawrence, Michael Lynch, GaBe MoRaLeS, Patrick Porter, Sarah Smithton, Ben Strothmann and T. Thompson.

The Lady In Question  | Open: 12/05/05 Close: 12/07/05
A special benefit staged reading.

A free wheeling satire of patriotic 1940's thrillers such as Notorious and Escape, The Lady in Question tells the suspenseful tale of Gertrude Garnet, the most glamorous concert pianist on the international stage. On tour in 1940 Bavaria, her colossal self-absorption is challenged when a handsome American professor engages her aid in rescuing his mother from a Nazi prison.
Downstairs at The Monster
80 Grove Street at Sheridan Square

All proceeds of the benefit shall go toward the upcoming production of Constance Congdon's
Dog Opera. Contributions to TOSOS II are tax deductible.

The Mermaid  | Open: 05/05/05 Close: 05/29/05
1962: Judith begins her career as an actress at a college in Indiana.

1988: In Manhattan, Martin and his partner Ken prepare to adopt a child. Telling both stories simultaneously, The Mermaid reveals how the actions we take influence people we may never know.

Wonder Woman: The Musical  | Open: 04/06/05 Close: 04/27/05
Finally liberated from her military service and the separatist politics of the Amazons, Princess Diana brings The Magic Lasso Comeback Tour to a cabaret near you.

Wonder Woman The Musical features the story of Princess Diana, the Amazon Princess better known as 1970's liberal feminist superheroine Wonder Woman (a.k.a. Diana Prince: the real Wonder Woman, not that Lynda Carter human imposter). In this campy cabaret, Diana chats with her audience during the New York City leg of her Magic Lasso Comeback Tour. Diana offers her audience unique Karaoke covers of standards, ranging from I'm Wonder Woman, Hear Me Roar to Stand by Your Butch, while she generously shares her fan letters--responding with eloquence to the inevitable questions concerning her cleavage, affairs, and the invisible plane. Wonder Woman The Musical asks us all to consider the truth about patriotism, the myth of invincibility, and the challenge of reinventing one's image.