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Untitled Theater Company #61 is a Theater of Ideas: scientific, political, philosophical, and above all theatrical.

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Impostors  | Open: 01/07/06 Close: 01/29/06
IMPOSTORS is a quirky, funny, heartfelt exploration of the contradictions and distortions that hold all families together. After a brain injury, a son believes his parents have been replaced with exact duplicates of themselves, triggering a series of events that threatens to unravel the entire family.

IMPOSTORS is being produced as part of NEUROfest, afestival of plays dealing with neurological conditions. Presented by Untitled Theater Company #61, NEUROfest explores the nexus of science and art.

Iphigenia in Aulis  | Open: 02/14/13 Close: 03/03/13
 Featuring music of downtown indie rocker Aldo Perez (from the band The Renaldo The Ensemble,) and the work of graphic novelist, Eric Shanower (author of the award-winning Age of Bronze series), Edward Einhorn’s new adaptation reexamines Euripides’ play about democracy versus ochlocracy (mob rule) and the role of religion in popular uprisings, subjects made particularly relevant by Arab Spring.

Masks by Jane Stein are both worn and “puppeteered” as a second self, separating the characters from their classic archetypes and reveling more basic human emotions beneath. Deliberately anachronistic, the production mixes the contemporary with the classical and uses pop iconography of comics to examine the timeless, philosophical elements of the myth

NEUROfest  | Open: 01/05/06 Close: 01/29/06
NEUROfest was partly inspired by the work of famed neurologist and author Oliver Sacks ("The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat", "Awakenings", et al), a writer well regarded for his exploration of the creative revelations made through neurology. Science has long since been a bedfellow to the arts, and NEUROfest will combine the two in a festival of over 20 plays, seminars and readings about neurological conditions, ranging from aphasia to savantism to autism to Tourette's. Many of the conditions have been popularized by Oliver Sacks' work. Others are lesser known, but all show the human mind both hampered and augmented by its neurological state. The line-up for the festival is as follows: CJD Condition dealt with: Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (a relative of Mad Cow) A multimedia one man show written and performed by a neurologist about his experience with a patient with CJD, augmented with live music performance. Written and directed by James Jordan. IMPOSTERS by Justin Warner Directed by Ari Laura Keith Glass House Productions Condition dealt with: Capgras syndrome After a brain injury, a son believes his parents have been replaced with exact duplicates of themselves, triggering a series of events that threatens to unravel the entire family. Impostors won the Kennedy Center-ACTF playwriting contest for the Mid-Atlantic region, and was also a finalist for the Princess Grace Award. Impostors will run simultaneously at the Union Theatre in London. STRANGERS and LINGUISH Written and directed by Edward Einhorn Untitled Theater Co. #61 Conditions dealt with: Amnesia (Korsakov's Syndrome) and Aphasia LINGUISH posits a disease which causes aphasia, the neurological disorder that takes away one's ability to use language. Four relative strangers are among the first to be affected, and are thrown together in quarantine. As the disease affects them, they are forced to try to find new ways to communicate. In STRANGERS a man and a woman are in what seems to be a doctor's waiting room. Is it? If so, what's wrong? SYNDROME by Kirk Wood Bromley Performed and directed by Timothy McCowen Reynolds Inverse Theater Company Condition dealt with: Tourette's Syndrome is a play about a man sitting in his room attempting to muster the courage to meet his parents for dinner. We quickly discover that there are reasons for his anxiety, stemming from his submission to a "spectrum of psychological disorders" that have taken over his mind. Nothing, however, is really wrong with him. TABULA RASA Words by Robert Lawson, Music by Henry Akona Directed by Henry Akona Music Direction by Ekaterina Stanislavskaya High Fidelity Theater Condition dealt with: Autism An opera featuring interlinked stories of two children, both lost in the woods. One, a 19th century tale inspired by stories of the Wild Boy of Aveyron and other children who grew up in the wild. The other, the 21st century tale of a young girl lost in the forest of mood altering medications. Tabula Rasa examines the effects of nature and nurture, and the fundamental meaning of language and human relationships. WELCOME TO TOURETTAVILLE! by Jonathan Ospa, June Rachelson-Ospa, and Daniel Neiden Music by Jody Gray, Doug Katsaros and Daniel Neiden Directed by Daniel Neiden Condition dealt with: Tourette's Syndrome A musical inspired by a young boy's dreamworld where 4 aliens, Tick, Blinky, Screamer, and the guru of all Tourettians, The Big Bleeper, befriend and inspire him toward self-acceptance. The musical was co-written by June Rachelson-Ospa and her 7 year old son Jonny Ospa. NEUROshorts (NEUROshorts is one entire evening) THE BOY WHO WANTED TO BE A ROBOT by Edward Einhorn Directed by Barry Weil Evolve Theater Company Condition dealt with: Autism (Aspergers) A fairy tale set on another planet, this is a Pinnochio story in reverse, about a child who grows up in a robot country and just wants to be a robot like everyone else. VESTIBULAR by: Kelly R. Haydon Directed by: Jolie Tong Monkey Business Productions Length: 20 minutes Condition dealt with: Meniere's disease As vertigo routinely attacks a former dancer stricken with Meniere's Disease, an informal conversation with his nurse turns into a revelation that challenges the idea of dependency as a passive force THE TASTE OF BLUE by Alexandra Edwards Directed by Julia Martin The Transformative Theater Company Conditions dealt with: Synesthesia, Eidetic memory The sound of the saxophone is blue. The letter O is blue. And blue tastes good. A woman describes her world, in which every sense calls up another. When the world turns gray, she must turn to her own imaginary landscape, filled with memories, to find something delicious. DOCTORS JANE AND ALEXANDER by Edward Einhorn Directed by Ian Hill GeminiCollisionWorks Condition dealt with: Dementia A found text play about the playwright's mother, a psychologist who now suffers from dementia, and her father, the discoverer of the Rh factor. Plus: For One Night Only! CINCINATTI by Don Nigro Directed by John Clancy Theater Company: Clancy Productions Condition dealt with: Brain tumors A one woman show by Nancy Walsh, a portrait of madness—originally performed after the removal of a brain tumor from Nancy Walsh, allowing her to only say things she had already memorized. Done in conjunction with a seminar.
Rudolf II  | Open: 03/05/10 Close: 03/28/10
The story of a bisexual, bipolar emperor in 1600 Prague obsessed with alchemy, astronomy, his longtime mistress, and his newest lover and valet, a converted Jew. The production uses the vast expanse of the Bohemian National Hall to create an environmental production in the center of its ballroom space, with live choral singing from the balconies accompanying the action.

Set completely in Rudolf's bedroom, the play is a portrait of an emperor who was both extraordinary visionary and self-destructive, as he confines himself and those closest to him to an increasingly suffocating atmosphere of paranoia and mounting madness. Rudolf's court is literally the stuff of legend--the golem supposedly originated there, and Goethe based his Faust upon the court as well. The play features Tycho Brahe, the famed astronomer; Elizabeth Jane Weston, the Latin poetess and daughter of the original Faust (Edward Kelley); and the spirit of Libuse, the prophetess who founded Prague.

Unauthorized Magic in Oz and Evolution  | Open: 10/15/05 Close: 11/19/05
Two puppet plays set on a tabletop

Unauthorized Magic in Oz is written and directed by Edward Einhorn
Evolution is created and directed by Barry Weil and Tanya Khordoc

Unauthorized Magic in Oz is a toy theater piece based on the modern Oz novels of creator Edward Einhorn and the illustrations of celebrated artist Eric Shanower. Evolution is a comic fable tracking two characters as they evolve from amoeba to human. Both use a varied and visually astonishing vocabulary of puppetry, including bunraku, hand puppetry, rod puppetry, shadow puppetry, and classic toy theater techniques.

Unauthorized Magic in Oz originated in the Toy Theater Festival at St. Ann's Warehouse, and it tells the story of a boy living in Munchkin Country, whose mother and friend are both sorcerers, although they know it is against the law. But when Glinda the Good discovers their activities, they have a lot of explaining to do. It is set inside miniature houses, which both serve as little theaters and are also puppets themselves. It features the work of Eric Shanower, winner of two Eisner Awards for his graphic novel Age of Bronze, the music of William Niederkorn (Fairy Tales of the Absurd), and the puppets/sets of Berit Johnson and Barry Weil. It is performed by Edward Einhorn, Talaura Harms, Tanya Khordoc and Maxwell Zener.
Untitled Theater’s 24/7 Festival  | Open: 03/14/05 Close: 03/20/05
Untitled Theater Company #61 is applying the concept of 24-hour theater to its unique brand of Theater of the Absurd. Each day of this festival, four different playwrights will write on a different theme, ranging from Puppet Plays to Protest Plays, from Found Text to Fairy Tales. The plays are written overnight, then rehearsed all day long, until they are performed that evening. The event will provide nearly 100 theater artists an opportunity to participate in a week long, intensive idea factory, and the audience has the unique opportunity to watch inspiration spring during within its first 24 hours of existence.

The line up is as follows: Monday, March 14, Jewish Legends; Tuesday, March 15, Found Text, Wednesday, March 16, Puppets; Thursday, March 17, Transvestite Melodrama; Friday, March 18, Mini-NeuroFest (a preview of Untitled Theater's upcoming festival about neurological conditions); Saturday, March 19, Protest Plays; and Sunday, March 20, Seven-Minute Fairy Tales Matinee.

Untitled Theater Company #61 is celebrating its twelfth year of producing theater in New York. Over that time, it has continued its mission of producing a modern Theater of the Absurd. One of its most noteworthy achievements was the critically acclaimed Off-Broadway production of Fairy Tales of the Absurd. This sprang from the 2001 Ionesco Festival, the first-ever complete festival of Eugene Ionesco's plays, including all 39 plays (one of them a world premiere), as will as films and seminars. The Company has also produced a world premiere by Richard Foreman, and work by Vaclav Havel, T. S. Eliot, and Tom Stoppard. The New York Times called Fairy Tales of the Absurd "almost unbearably funny," and The Village Voice praised the "dizzying ambition [that] animates every aspect of this sprawling Ionesco Festival, which generously provides New Yorkers in the grip of a dark time an opportunity to encounter an unfailingly inventive playwright's response to his own traumatic age."