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2005 Short Play Festival  | Open: 07/21/05 Close: 07/30/05
13th Street Rep's 2005 Short Play Festival

Featuring new and seasoned playwrights. The various plays include comedy, drama, satire, and anything in between, running from 10-20 minutes each.

Each presentation will include a minimum of 7 plays.

A Human Shield  | Open: 10/03/08 Close: 11/02/08
Winner of the 2007 New Works of Merit Playwriting Contest makes its premiere at the 13th Street Repertory Theatre.

It's 2010. As the Grant family comes together for their traditional New Year's Eve celebration, the United States is on the verge of war. Their ongoing political differences escalate when Dad and twin daughters each share life-changing news. The family struggles to remain supportive of each other while still holding true to their personal views, but nothing could have prepared this politically-charged family for the events that would follow.

We hope you make it to this exciting new production, which seems especially relevant in our current heated political environment.

Conversation with a Kleagle  | Open: 02/16/06 Close: 04/07/06
Conversation with a Kleagle was inspired by events in the life of civil rights leader, Walter White. At the height of a lynching epidemic in the late 1920's, a black writer, passing for white, travels to the deep South to interview a kleagle (a recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan). When his true racial identity is discovered by the Klan he escapes, only to find that his rescuer's family paid a dear price, a price that brings the writer back to the south to confront the kleagle and the Klan.
JJ Baron in Concert  | Open: 01/18/06 Close: 01/18/06
Americana Singer / Songwriter JJ Baron throws Jazz, R&B and Rock into his sound... a voice for this generation.

"... feels like being at The Gaslight in 1961" -R.A. Van Vleet

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Line  | Open: 02/19/75 Close: 02/19/75
The longest running play in Off-Off-Broadway history. Entering its 32dn year at our theatre. Israel Horovitz's play centers on five people as they wait in a line with no apparent purpose. Translated into over 35 languages and performed in over 25 countries. Well over 100,000 theatergoers have laughed at this outrageous comedy
Line  | Open: 02/11/11 Close: 02/26/11
LINE, Israel Horovitz’s classic, existential, dark comedy explores these questions in this biting, absurdist allegory that perfectly satirizes the now-timeless theme of America’s constant desire and struggle to be in first place.

Currently the longest-running play in New York City, Israel Horovitz's LINE is now in its 37th year at our theatre. Line has been translated into over 35 languages and performed in over 25 countries; well over 100,000 theatregoers have laughed at this outrageous comedy!

LINE "In Living Color" by Israel Horovitz premieres with an all African American cast honoring Black History Month @ 13th Street Repertory Theater, 50 West 13th Street, NY 10011. Performance dates: Feb 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 (Fridays and Saturdays) at 9:30pm.

Directed by: Serina Sanusi

A stellar cast consisting of:
Lamar K. Cheston "Arnall"
Dike Uzoukwu "Stephen"
Eden Marryshow "Dolan"
Michelle Walker "Molly"
Vincent Parker "Fleming"

Martinex  | Open: 05/20/05 Close: 06/04/05
This comical yet poingent story of one immigrant's bumpy road to becoming a US citizen explores issues of identity with one's homeland and assimilation.
No More Waiting the Musical!  | Open: 05/23/08 Close: 06/29/08
No More Waiting, a new musical comedy, follows five actors at their day jobs--waiting tables at a sleazy cabaret. Tired of waiting for someone else to discover their talent, they throw down their aprons and take over the stage, creating a world of romance, laughter, and dreams fulfilled!
Nunchuck Ninja Nuns  | Open: 03/14/08 Close: 04/26/08
This is a hilarious comedy about how distorted reality is and the
strangeness of living in a world with so many rules and so few morals.
Join Jesus, Mary, frat boys, zany psychologists, communist poets, and
a bunch of nunchuck-swinging nuns in their crusade to find
enlightenment. Or at least a little sump'n-sump'n.
Set up in a sketch comedy format akin to Upright Citizen's Brigade, and Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. Recalls elements of Christopher Durang.
The Accidental Pervert  | Open: 01/25/13 Close: 06/29/13
The Accidental Pervert is a critically acclaimed story about an innocent boy who accidentally discovers his father's secret collection of XXX-Rated video tapes. Goodbye innocence. Hello hilarious Off-Broadway show.

On his odyssey to manhood, Andrew Goffman takes his audience on a very funny and self-deprecating journey into a world of video vixens, X-Rated fantasies, and REALLY dirty movies with no redeeming value whatsoever. He found the tapes at 11 years-of-age. The addiction controlled him until he was 26. 
The year he met his wife.

What I'm Failing To Learn  | Open: 05/15/13 Close: 06/22/13
 What I’m Failing to Learn is a personal journey of a child colored by both positives and negatives of growing up unsheltered from certain truths of our human world.  As 14-year-old singer songwriter Schuyler Iona Press learns, truth holds both comedy and tragedy, but most importantly, truth holds hope.