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National Comedy Theatre  | Open: 02/11/05 Close: 02/11/05
Nationally acclaimed improvisational comedy show in which two teams of comedians compete for laughs - all based on audience suggestions. Appropriate for all audiences.
National Comedy Theatre  | Open: 04/01/05 Close: 04/16/05
Similar in style to "Whose Line Is It Anyway", National Comedy Theatre is the Off-Bway, high octane improv comedy hit show all based on suggestions from the audience. Each show is different, with different games, different players and different audiences supplying new suggestions.

As a twist, NCT plays its improvisational comedy played just like a competitive sport. Two uniformed teams go head-to-head on stage in a battle for laughs. A referee oversees the action and calls "fouls" such as the "groaner" (if a person tells a pun that makes the audience groan) and the dreaded "brown bag foul," called if a player says anything not suitable for a family audience, in which case a brown paper bag is placed over the offenders' head.

"Rapidly becoming an addiction for New Yorkers...a sure fire crowd pleaser", quotes a recent review from New York theatre Buying Guide.