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LedaLeda  | Open: 03/29/20 Close: 03/29/20
LedaLeda is a funeral oration, an enacted eulogy, for the artist’s late sister, Leda Papenfusscline. Following an imagined connection with a dead sibling, this play offers many approaches to death, minimizing the power of narrative in favor of repeated ritual and honest reflection. In an attempt to make art that goes beyond “therapy theatre,” the artists interweave death with story and memory, working through ancient myth, humor, pop culture, personal experience, and spiritualism. Time, like grief, is not a linear process. Humans have desperately mythologized their experience for centuries in order to avoid realizing there may be no sense at all in the cycles of violence that surround us. Death lacks remedy: there is nothing to learn.

more info here: https://thetanknyc.org/calendar-1/ledaleda

tickets here: https://tinyurl.com/unpbnr3