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C.S.I: Mayberry - An Unauthorized Parody  | Open: 02/16/16 Close: 03/03/16
In this farcical mash-up of "CSI: Miami" and "The Andy Griffith Show", we find a gruesome string of murders happening in Mayberry. It’s up to Andy and Barney to find out who the killer is from a list of familiar faces. Is it Aunt Bee? Floyd the Barber? Otis the Drunk? Or someone else all together...?

Playwright and director Genny Yosco thought of this show with her production company partner, Chris Weigandt, while they were punchy and exhausted after directing a children’s show, so that should tell you how ridiculous her career is. Most recently, her theater company, Sour Grapes Productions, produced her original show, A Fifth Dimension: An Unauthorized Twilight Zone Parody (which she also directed and acted in) to a sold-out audience this past New Year’s Eve.

"CSI: Mayberry - An Unauthorized Parody" will be performing at the 10th Annual FRIGID Festival. It stars Amy Whitrod Brown, Nick Denning, Andrew Rappo, Alexa Owgang, Sebastian King, Bryan Songy, Dalia Stone, Chris Weigandt, and Genny Yosco