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GET AROUND ME  | Open: 02/25/15 Close: 03/07/15
A brand new solo show written and performed by Gillian English

Four years ago, some charismatic Australians talked Gillian English into playing Aussie Rules Football. A Shakespeare nerd by trade, Gillian had never played a sport before in her life, but how hard could it be?
Somewhere in between tackling Amazonian women and battling through the bruises; footy became one of the most important parts of her life. 
Team support, beer pong, fit men, short shorts, sunshine and parties. 
Life as a member of an Aussie Rules team is glorious.
By 2014, Gillian had won three consecutive Grand Final Championships. 
She was playing for the Midnight Suns in the AFL World Championship in Melbourne Australia. 
Then everything changed.
Now Gillian has no choice but to leave Aussie Rules behind, and she’s got a tale to tell about why.

From the star of last year’s hit solo show “Drag Queen Stole My Dress” and the 2013 award winning show “Love in the Time of Time Machines” (Frigid Audience Choice & Hangover Selection) comes a brand new solo show tackling one of today’s most pressing and talked about issues. 

“Get Around Me!” is a heartfelt and hilarious personal account of one woman’s journey into athleticism; and what happens when she refuses to keep quiet about sexual assault in organized sport.