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Nikki DiLoreto, Maria Gilhooley, and Antonia Lassar make good new theatre. (Also, it's funny.)

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Tina and Amy: Last Night in Paradise  | Open: 02/20/14 Close: 03/08/14
SixTee Collective presents Tina and Amy: Last Night in Paradise!

Before the fame, before the glory, before the drunk texts from Lorne Michaels, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were really broke. One uncomfortable night in 1997, Tina and Amy are struggling to write the perfect sketch. From the creators of the Frigid Festival 2013’s Best Show, comes this super true, totally not made up story about two iconic women of comedy.

SixTee Collective (Antonia Lassar, Maria Gilholey, and Nikki DiLoreto) is a group of ladies who are funny who like to do plays about ladies who are funny.