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PTNYC is founded by Megan DiBello, graduate of the Naropa School of Disembodied poets in Boulder, CO. PTNYC defines “poet” as any maker/doer across multiple disciplines (art, writing, music, etc.) and is based on the belief that artists should be able to teach as a job and create as a career. PTNYC offers affordable classes and workshops, taught by a talented faculty of trained artists dedicated to advancing the employment of creative professionals. PTNYC’s current course offerings include three weekly sessions which culminate in a student performance at the Bowery Poetry Club. Courses are designed for students from all backgrounds and levels of expertise and are limited in size to maximize collaboration amongst students and their instructors. Sessions are held on Sundays at the Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan. 

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Poetry Teachers NYC Workshop: Poet Perform  | Open: 12/01/13 Close: 12/23/13

Revive. React. Review.

Poetry Teachers NYC will be teaching workshops in December of 2013.

The Class Dates are: Dec 1, Dec 8, Dec 15 with a performance on Dec 23rd. 

Our workshops will consist of 3 Teachers: Dan Dissinger, Aimee Herman, and Megan DiBello. We will focus on a student Reviving old work, Reacting to other students work, as well as Reviewing what they have learned not only in the workshop, but from each other. Class is open to all levels of writing. The classes will consist of discussion, writing, reading, craft, critique, editing, and performance technique. 

Sundays from 12PM-2PM, 1.5hrs. 

Tickets $99