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 Jake Thomas is always looking for something ridiculous to do. After double-majoring in the extraordinarily ridiculous fields of Theatre and English Lit he defied the odds by finding a job, after years of grunt work, in a field that somewhat relates to his studies. As an editor for Marvel Comics Jake has worked on X-Men, Avengers, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America titles, along with a host of others. The only prime title he has yet to work on is Spider-Man. Give him time.

He started two theater companies that are no longer terribly operational. One was The 7th Sign, which did a number of incredible shows, including Julius Caeser, Happy Birthday Wanda June and The Just Assassins. Within that company Jake held the title of Creative Director and, at various different stages, produced, acted and directed.

He created the second theater company, Centaurface, in order to facilitate the production of original material by himself and his cohorts. The two primary offsprings of this endeavor were the weekly variety show Professor Top's Old-Timey Radio Hour and the mind-meltingly absurd sketch show Trumpet.

Other theater credits include writing and performing in the UrbanErotica series, co-hosting the live theatrical dating show Love Ahoy at Galapagos Art Space, reading original stories at the Applewood Review, performing with downtown theater troupes such as Ateh and Thirsty Turtle, and many projects with the exceptionally funny and deviant humorists Polly Frost and Ray Sawhill.

Jake has written many sketches and reviews, once wrote a short story every week for a year, has one completed screenplay and more in the works and the "pilot episode" of his short film series Monster Shorts is now in post-production. He has other completely foolhardy pursuits in the works as well, and is always looking for more. You can find some of their nascent beginnings here.

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The Dead Dream Machine  | Open: 09/18/13 Close: 10/13/13
 In an abandoned theater on the outskirts of town, an experiment is being conducted—one which extracts dreams! This crazed horror anthology incorporates song, dance, puppetry, aerial, magic and more to create an out of body theatrical experience.