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Angel Drake Presents: Breaking Up Is A B*tch, Darling  | Open: 03/03/10 Close: 03/03/10
Miss Angel Drake presents a fabulous evening of singers spilling the goods on their messy breakups!


Ten fantastic singers will each sing their best breakup song, and then each will be interviewed by THE Miss Angel Drake, "Songstress and Survivor of the Blues."
Caprice  | Open: 09/11/08 Close: 10/05/08
Taking place in San Francisco, circa 1959, Caprice centers around a theatre devoted to new musicals where an egotistical artistic director is casting a new production with his intrepid associate. Just as they're about to cast an actress who's perfect for the lead, a manipulative diva walks in and seduces the director into giving her the starring role. A bright and breezy backstage musical with duelling divas, naive ingenues and conniving board members, Caprice is a show about dreamers and schemers who come to see themselves as they really are.
Dance at Bataan  | Open: 06/28/08 Close: 07/26/08
While researching Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for her graduate thesis, Hannah Swindon comes across suspicious files regarding a WWII survivor of the Bataan Death March. Slowly becoming friends with Mr. Edwards, she becomes engrossed in the incredible story of three friends that created a "university" while POWs in order to survive brutal Japanese treatment. When Hannah finds out the incredible truth to Mr. Edwards' time at Bataan she is forced to decide whether to protect a friend or use his story to graduate.

Assistant Director: Brooklyn Scalzo
Stage Manager: Bridget Halloran
Assistant Stage Managers: Mary Brown, Taylor Fee
Lighting Design: Michael Megliola
Costume Design: Carrie Colden
Sound Design: Kymm Zuckert
Fight Choreography: Matt Klan

For photos, blogs and additional information about this production, go to

Gay Slave Handbook  | Open: 02/26/09 Close: 03/14/09
After the death of a local gay teen rocks a small Southern town, the lives of Giulia, Sebastian, and Jimmy become forever entwined. What starts as youthful love and exuberant innocence becomes a destructive pathological relationship that could have deadly consequences. Set in three different periods in their lives, these three friends and lovers must find a way to move forward or stay bound to the past.

Gay Slave Handbook is making it's full length NYC premiere after a successful and highly praised run in the Edinburgh Fringe where ScotsGay Magazine labeled the production as one of the 10 Best Productions of the Year.

I Am Jim Thompson  | Open: 02/18/10 Close: 02/28/10
I Am Jim Thompson is an exploration of the life and disappearance of
Jim Thompson, an American businessman noted for revitalizing the Thai
silk industry, who disappeared on Easter Sunday, 1967 in the highlands
of Malaysia. He was never found.

The multi-narrative musical explores Jim Thompson at three stages in
his life. He is portrayed by three different actors: age 25, a
graduate student in architecture yearning to leave the confines of his
suburban Delaware upbringing; 35, a spy in Southeast Asia during World
War II and an architect struggling to find his place in post-War
America; 55, a silk-magnate in Thailand seemingly at the top of the

I Am Jim Thompson is an American story about a man trying to connect
with himself, understand the people he loves and ultimately struggle
to find his place.

I, Undertow  | Open: 08/15/09 Close: 08/22/09
Everyone has issues. All of Justin's live in North Carolina.

Justin's an up and coming artist thriving in NYC whose world grinds to a halt when the worse thing possible happens to him - he gets the call to come home due to his grandmother's failing health. Slinking back to small town North Carolina with his latest one night stand forced upon him, he finds himself back neck deep in the family issues that he had been avoiding for more than a decade and facing the girl he left behind. In the midst of the culture clash between small town quirkiness and big city society behavior, Justin may actually discover what he had been running from for all of those years. Emmy-winner Blake Bradford's newest play takes a hard look at the humor and heartache of going home.


Joni Vs The Bard: The Shakespeare Smackdown  | Open: 01/15/10 Close: 01/23/10
Two-time Emmy winner Joan Darling returns to the New York stage with her regionally acclaimed one-woman show Joni vs The Bard: The Shakespeare Smackdown.

In the vein of Al Pacino's Looking for Richard and Ian McKellen's Acting Shakespeare, Joan will share her lifelong passion for Shakespeare and how it can be thrilling, engaging, and most important FUN. Melt into the worlds Shakespeare creates as she performs some of her favorite selections from Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, and Julius Caesar. This show has a jolly, interactive nature and is perfect for anyone ranging from middle schoolers first learning the work to aged Shakespeare veterans.

Joan Darling

Joan is no stranger to Shakespeare. She starred at the Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival for two seasons, and was awarded "Best Actress" both years. She went on to perform at the American Shakespeare Festival in Stratford as Viola in Twelfth Night, to much acclaim. Joan then joined the award winning improvisational theater company, The Premise, with Gene Hackman, Tom Aldredge, and Ron Liebman as well as starring on Broadway in Leda had a Little Swan and A Minor Adjustment. She won an Emmy for her performance in Dorothy Parker, Woven in Crazy Plaid.

She was the first woman nominated for an Emmy for directing. She has been nominated four times and won an Emmy for directing Mom's on Strike. Her episode of "The Nurses" for M.A.S.H. was nominated for an Emmy and is included in the Best of M.A.S.H. episode.

She is considered the first woman director of the modern age and blazed the way for the women who followed in her footsteps. Her first directing assignment was Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, which was featured on the cover of every major magazine from Newsweek to Rolling Stone within six weeks of its debut. She followed that by directing the world famous episode "Chuckles the Clown" of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, named by the New York Times as the funniest half hour ever on television, and selected by TV Guide as the number one television episode of all time.

Her first feature, First Love, was named one of the Ten Best of 1978 by CBS. She was the first woman to direct Magnum P.I. and among her many other television credits are Rich Man, Poor Man, Doc, Rhoda, Doogie Howser, M.D., and Civil Wars.

She is renowned as a teacher (her classes in LA have had up to a five year waiting list) and is a lifelong Shakespeare enthusiast. She created the "Directing the Actor" workshop for the Sundance Institute and has served as a creative adviser at the Director's Lab at Sundance for the last seventeen years. She also has served as a creative adviser at the European Moonstone Labs. Joan Darling has been honored by the Museum of Broadcasting as a "Woman Who Made It."


Joni vs The Bard: The Shakespeare Smackdown

Written by and Starring Joan Darling

Directed by Blake Bradford

Assistant Director: Karen Brelsford

Stage Manager: Gabriel Garcia

Music Director: Mark Evans

Costumes: Peggy Queener

Repo! The Genetic Opera  | Open: 07/29/05 Close: 08/27/05
A hip and edgy BladeRunner-meets-Rocky Horror Picture Show rock musical that takes place in the not-too-distant future, where body parts are bought, sold and subject to repossession...
Skating on Thin Ice  | Open: 06/24/05 Close: 07/23/05
Who says 60 ain't sexy? The relationships of four older gentlement are tested when one hunky young hocky player seeks a Daddy to..tuck him in. A love story about two long-time partners who just happen to be of the same gender and who are facing and dealing with stresses in their lives, relationship, health issues, financial worries and the passign of (too many friends).
The Deluxe Illustrated Body  | Open: 11/03/05 Close: 11/16/05
The death of a family patriarch leaves a young woman to raise her teenage sister and exposes realities and secrets that lead to wrenching but necessary self-confrontation and change. A marriage of thirty years is tested, a priest wrestles with a crisis of faith, a young man descends into alcoholism and a young woman confronts her inability to forgive, even in the face of death.
The Jocker  | Open: 05/11/07 Close: 06/09/07
Based on historical fact, The Jocker explores relationships between men riding the rails during the great depression. It is 1931. In a hobo jungle near Flagstaff, Arizona, hobos and tramps begin to congregate, lured by the promise of work on a nearby rail spur. Early arrivals include Biloxi Billy, a tramp in his late 40's, and Nat, around 16 -- a Jocker and his 'Gunsel,' (combination servant, apprentice and catamite, a common and amazingly well documented relationship among hobos and tramps of the period.) They soon encounter 'Bama Boy and Shakespeare, two men in a very different sort of sexual relationship. It's the men's conflicting and ever-changing dependence on one another that help them survive – but when Nat makes a desperate move to get away from his abusive jocker, he sets in motion a devastating chain of events that leaves two dead and other lives shattered. Nat may ultimately get what he wished -- but not at all in the way he could of imagined.
The Three Musketeers  | Open: 04/15/05 Close: 05/18/05
With a lush, classical score, and a book true to the 19th century novel in both plot and style, The Three Musketeers is an epic romance of grand passions and sweeping emotion. It's all here: swashbuckling swordplay, dashing heroics, abject villainy and a love that transcends kingdoms, wars, vows and even death. This is the story of a young man finding his place in the world -- searching for meaning in life. And from the electric opening to the heartbreaking finale, The Three Musketeers is truly a musical adventure.

D'Artagnan, a brash, impetuous youth from the provinces, sets out for Paris to seek his fortune. His fiery temper and ready sword soon find him three inseparable companions, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, the Three Musketeers. It is their adventures and trials, the struggles with the brilliant Cardinal Richelieu and the deadly Milady de Winter, the glory, disappointment, heartbreak, love and death that make a headstrong young man into a true Musketeer.

Full info, photos & reviews:

The Three Musketeers  | Open: 04/15/05 Close: 05/04/05
A musical adventure based on the classic tale

Directed by Jeffery Corrick
Musical direction Paul L. Johnson

Through A Naked Lens  | Open: 12/16/05 Close: 01/21/06
The life of movie legend Ramon Navarro and his involvement with the fast talking and cynical Hollywood Photoplay Magazine journalist Herbert Howe.

Ramon Navarro, a good looking Mexican actor became a Hollywood mega star, playing the lead in such films as "The Arab", "The Mid-Shipman", and "Ben –Hur." Herbert Howe was then one of the most popular Hollywood news writers of his day, tough, quick-witted and cynical, who intertwined his life with Ramon Navarro. Also in the play are director Rex Ingram, MGM head Louis B. Mayer, film producer Irving Thalberg and film columnist Adela St. John.

Zephyer Fest - A 24 Hour Play Festival  | Open: 03/06/10 Close: 03/06/10
Take five directors, five writers, twenty actors and twenty-four hours, and you have a fabulous evening of theatre!  Join Zephyer Rep for the very first Zephyer Fest, where twenty-four hours previously the writers are given the parameters, the next morning the directors and actors are given the script, and the finished product is shows to you on Saturday night at 7p!  At the end, prizes are awarded to the shows as voted by the audience, and an awesome time is had by all!