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Brilliant Traces  | Open: 06/07/13 Close: 06/23/13
 Out of a raging Alaskan blizzard comes a distraught young woman dressed in satin slippers and a bridal gown.  She bursts into the only refuge she can find:  the remote cabin of a man who has retreated from society.  Trapped in this one room, these strangers warily circle each other, probing each other’s defenses, revealing truths about themselves and each other, breaking down and spinning out of control.  Cindy Lou Johnson’s BRILLIANT TRACES is a funny, compelling, heartfelt journey through the tapestry of life, relationships and memory.  BRILLIANT TRACES is an intimate theatrical experience that will bring the audience into the emotional landscape of two people running away from so-called civilization and smack into each other, forced to explore the pain of the past and consider the possibilities of the present.