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Gym Shorts: The Show  | Open: 05/10/13 Close: 05/26/13

Gym Shorts: The Show is made up of 5 hilarious short vignettes, that examine the triumphs and tragedies of life set against the world's most explosive backdrop: The Gym!


At its core, Gym Shorts: The Show is about relationships. The kind of relationships we’ve all experienced in our own lives, and can all identify with. The agony of betrayal. The ecstasy of true companionship. The struggle to be accepted for who you are. All the great dramas and comedies of the ages have hinged on these profound human experiences. So, what is it that makes this rendition new and unique? And, of course, hilarious? The one place that can hold this amount of human triumph and tragedy, the blood, sweat and tears that make up the human experience (particularly the sweat): THE GYM!!! Come see the strength and resilience of these flawed warriors stretched out to their breaking point. Gym Shorts: The Show. These guys have issues they need to workout.


Mije Giese(Craig)​​

Sean Deblat(Jake)

Leon Morgan(Warren)

Sean Boyce Johnson(Tyler)

Cara Maltz    Dawn)

Jasson Finney     Chad

Nathaniel Wade - Jimmy

Kenton Fidley - Andrew

Brock Yurich (Phil)

David Mazzucchi (Brad

Frank Monteleone (Shane)



nderstudies -

Ricky Goodrich - Large Male Understudy

Maria Benedek(Dawn Understudy)

Omar Cruz - Average Male Understudy