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Classic theater with, by, and for ALL kinds of people. We work in schools, institutions, and jails as well as making public performance.

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Coriolanus (A Radio Version)  | Open: 04/29/13 Close: 04/29/13
Raised Spirits Theater is dedicated to "Classics, by, for, and with ALL sorts of people." We make theater with actors of all shapes, colors, sizes, challenges, and orientations. We cast color blind and we take apart classic literature to suit whatever point we wish to make. We do this because we believe Shakespeare and his contemporaries wrote their plays for us, the people who watch them - and we're committed to making that "seeing" visceral, immediate, and deeply impactful.
For more information visit: www.facebook.com/raisedspiritstheater
How can classical theatre help us understand our society today? Raised Spirits Theater's adaption of Coriolanus focuses on class relations, which exist both in Elizabethan times and in 21st century America. What has changed? What hasn't? And what can we learn from it?
William Shakespeare's tragedy, based on the life of the legendary Roman leader Caius Marcius Coriolanus, will be presented as a radio version by an eclectic group of young actors with the aim of seeking answers to these questions. Coriolanus, a powerful Roman warrior pressed by his mother Volumnia toward ever-rising expectations, finds himself at odds with his fellow citizens. While lethal and fearless in battle, he is also an overly proud aristocrat who bears contempt toward Rome's lower classes. The citizens refuse to support him and unite against his regime, culminating in a mass riot. Consequently banished from Rome, the fallen hero seeks revenge through an alliance with his sworn enemy, Tullus Aufidius. Come experience a retelling of one of Shakespeare’s lesser known meditations on monumental arrogance, aggression, virtue and war.

The Actors:

Caius Martius/ Coriolanus: Tyrone Dennis
Menenius Agrippa: Adam Redfield
Volumnia: Julie Berndt
Sicinius Velutus: Folami Williams
Cominius: K'Sandra Sampson
Tullus Aufidius: Kirk Bush
Junius Brutus: Elena V. Levenson
Titus Lartius: Charles Pang
Virgilia: Shubhra Prakash
Ensemble: Ciara Constanti, Tessa Flannery, James McDowell, Jordan E. Michel, Stephen Powell, Lynneisha A. Ray, Matthew Velez

The Creative Team:
Alexander Carney (Artistic Director)
Leonie Ettinger (Associate Producer)
Julia MacMillan (Communications Associate)

Tickets are donation based and payable at the door. For reservations please email raisedspiritstheater@gmail.com.