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Endangered Artist Sanctuary is a loose repertory of quirky, talented artists (or Cherkins) committed to putting on high quality theater. The focus of the company is primarily on, but not limited to, the classics. Other art forms, from music to painting, are incorporated into productions to add to the overall experience.

We encourage our members to get out and see other shows, work with other people, and then come back and bring their experience with them. We are fully committed to building a community of artists and patrons of the arts.

Schedule of Upcoming Productions

No New Productions Scheduled

Production History

The Merry Wives of Windsor  | Open: 03/14/13 Close: 03/22/13
  Mischievous wives! Jealous husbands! A lacivious scoundrel! All this and more in Shakespeare's hillarious comedy, coming this March!


Teri Monahan*, Schnele Wilson, Tony Travostino,
Jerry Chapa,
Neil Brown, Wende O'Reilly,
Carl Gibson, Kurt Roediger, Bradley J. Sumner,
Valerie Austin, Anna Wallace-Deering,
James Parenti,
Larissa Adamczyk, Erin Nelson, Jason Kirk, Joseph Guarino
and Tony White as Falstaff