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Serving Bait To Rich People  | Open: 02/21/13 Close: 03/03/13
Ski bum Alexa Fitzpatrick serves up jokes about sushi and dating in a land locked mountain town where the men outnumber the women two to one. As a bartender at a very high-end sushi restaurant, she amusingly stumbles through the moral dilemmas of serving very expensive bait to rich people.

ON SUSHI:  You can call it sushi all you want, but in most parts of the world that $20 bite at the end of your chopsticks would go right back on a hook to catch something worth grilling.

ON CUSTOMERS:  A woman, angry about the onions on her $27 plate of king crab tempura said, “Clearly God hates me!”  I smiled and responded, “I don’t think God’s that subtle.”

ON DATING: I’m in the middle of a break up, which is sad, but the couple was having trouble before I got involved.

“Fitzpatrick has clearly done her time in comedy.” ~ Tod Caviness, The Orlando Sentinel

 “…hilarious gal…she made me laugh”  ~ John Colson, The Aspen Times