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Jonbenet Ramsey! Murder Mystery Theater!  | Open: 02/20/13 Close: 03/01/13
JonBenet Ramsey! Murder Mystery Theater!is a true crime musical comedy from the creators of the critically praised off-off Broadway smash hit, Bayside! (The Saved by the Bell Musical) “A hell of a lot of ribald fun” - New York Times. Join MediumFace as they boldly recreate that fateful night before the fateful murder on that fateful year in that fateful town of Boulder, Colorado. With music!

On December 26th, 1996 JonBenét Ramsey was murdered by an unknown person or persons. 16 years later, JonBenét’s case remains one of the most horrifying unsolved murders in our country’s history. MediumFace Productions has vowed to do what the Colorado police department, FBI, Government, and CSI: Miami all failed to do: solve this case and bring JonBenét back to life!

Who Killed JonBenét? And when? And how much?
Was it:

·         The Greedy Father, Jon Ramsey, who loved his daughter to death. Literally?

·         The Jealous Mother, Patsy Ramsey, who could no longer handle the competition.

·         The Explosive Son, Burke Ramsey, whose dangerous anger is absolutely adorable!

“Hilarious and true to actual events, Medium Face cracks this case (up!)” -The Boulder Sentinel*

“I died laughing!” – JonBenet Ramsey*

“Who is JonBenet Ramsey?” HoneyBooBoo*

* Not actual quotes

Featuring "toe-tappingly hilarious" songs, this dark musical comedy is a humorous blend of the Bad Seed, Lolita, Home Alone, and Apocalypse Now – you won’t want to miss this!

Mary Crosbie as Mom Benét Ramsey
Bob McSmith as Dad Benét Ramsey
Tobly McSmith as Burke Benét Ramsey

***Don’t tell your friends the surprise ending!***


Tickets, Info, Conspiracy Theories, and Shockingly Adorable Pictures:

Showgirls! The Musical!  | Open: 04/17/13 Close: 05/04/13
Showgirls! The Musical! is the unauthorized musical parody of the cult classic film, Showgirls, brought to you by the twisted minds behind “Bayside! The Saved by the Bell Musical!”

“Showgirls!” follows the beautiful drifter with a secret past, Nomi, as she goes from Stripper to Showgirl in Las Vegas.

  • What will Nomi sacrifice on her rise to fame?
  • Who will she sleep with along the way?

  • Will she ever like brown rice and vegetables?


You’ll be thrusting in your seat to songs about fashion (I’d Look Great In a Versace), romance (F*cking Underwater), songs about dance instruction (D*ncing Aint F*cking, Girl), cautionary tales (Don’t Lick that Pole, Girl) and much much much more!

Warning: Contains suggestive language, suggestive dancing, erotic dancing, questionable dancing, nudity, nipples on ice, thrusting, and material and acting that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 18. Or adults over the age of 100. Or small animals

Praise for Bayside & MediumFace:
“Book of Mormon meets Saved by the Bell” - Julie Chang, Fox5
“A hell of a lot of ribald fun" – NY Times
“New York’s Best” -Michael Musto, Village Voice
“It’s comical, and genius” – Talent in Motion
“Are you so excited, so excited, so SCARED? So was I. BUT: it was hilarious” -F*cked in Park Slope