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Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company was founded in 2000 with the first collaboration between playwright/fight director Qui Nguyen and director Robert Ross Parker. Their highly physical shows actively use modern pop-culture as a vehicle to explore more weighty subjects. In 2003, Vampire Cowboys produced the critically acclaimed Stained Glass Ugly in the Midtown International Theatre Festival. In March 2004, they presented the eponymous Vampire Cowboy Trilogy at the Common Basis Theatre. The hit show was remounted for sold-out crowds in the New York International Fringe Festival in August 2004, and was published inthe anthology Plays and Playwrights 2005 by the New York Theatre Experience. Subsequently Nguyen and Parker were named People of the Year by

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A Beginner’s Guide To Deicide  | Open: 03/31/05 Close: 04/17/05
A Beginner's Guide To Deicide traces the epic odyssey of Lucy, a Catholic schoolgirl (and all-around whiz with a battle-axe), who's seeking God--whom she considers unjust and evil--so that she can take The Big Guy out once and for all. Accompanied by her scientifically-minded sidekick Mary, the duo is helped along by evolutionist Charles Darwin, who tells them to go back to the dawn of time to find God. And so they do, engaging in hilariously gory battles along the way with the likes of The Pope, Frederich Neitzche, Dante Alighieri, Joan of Arc and Jesus Christ. It all leads to a final, all-or-nothing showdown with the Omnipotent One himself.
Alice In Slasherland  | Open: 03/18/10 Close: 04/10/10
When young Lewis Diaz (Carlo Alban) accidentally resurrects the soul of a brutally slain girl named Alice (Amy Kim Waschke), he unwittingly unleashes a literal hell on Earth. Now with every sort of demon, monster, and killer ravaging his small town, Lewis along with his new girlfriend must find a way to close the rift before the big bad evil devil himself shows up and totally ruins their senior prom. Mixing slasher with Sam Raimi in Vampire Cowboys’ signature aesthetic, this show guarantees one bloody good time!

The six-member cast for “ALICE IN SLASHERLAND” will include: Carlo Alban (Lewis), Sheldon Best (Edgar/Duncan), Tom Myers (Jacob/Tommy/Sheriff Dunwoody), Bonnie Sherman (Margaret), Andrea Marie Smith (Tina), and Amy Kim Waschke (Alice).

The scenic and lighting design will be by Nick Francone, the multi-media design by Matthew Tennie, the costume design by Sarah Laux and Jessica Shay, the puppet design by David Valentine, and the sound design by Shane Rettig. The production stage manager will be Danielle Buccino.

Living Dead in Denmark  | Open: 05/04/06 Close: 05/21/06
The Dead Walk...You Run! Living Dead In Denmark is an action-adventure/horror sequel to William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Set five years after the events of the original, the undead have risen to power and are trying to take over the world, led by the zombie lord and true king of Denmark[ADM1]. Fortinbras, assembling a formidable opposition, has resurrected the corpses of some of the greatest women that Shakespeare had to offer: Lady Macbeth, Juliet and the very angry Ophelia. A clash of the undead titans ensues!
Men of Steel  | Open: 03/15/07 Close: 04/08/07
MEN OF STEEL follows the journey of five courageous crusaders aspiring for heroism against all odds. Witness a superhero lose control in the face of personal tragedy; see a dynamic duo attempt to save their nefarious neighborhood from the incredible increase of violent crime; fall in love with a drag queen with a heart of gold but a body of lead; and meet a hero whose quest for meaning mistakenly unleashes enormous evil.
Soul Samurai  | Open: 02/14/09 Close: 03/15/09
Cooler than Kill Bill, hotter than Shaft! The OBIE Award-winning Ma-Yi Theater Company teams up with the NYIT Award-winning Vampire Cowboys for “SOUL SAMURAI” the story of Dewdrop and her fight through the mean streets of a post-apocalyptic Brooklyn. After avenging her lover’s murder in the heart of Coney Island, Dewdrop now must make it back home to the Lower East Side before the shoguns of Kings County find her. In a play that mixes hip-hop culture, blaxploitation, and the martial arts, this production dials it back old school with this seventies-inspired samurai story. This is one slick slice with a sharp sword and a score to settle! “SOUL SAMURAI” is being sponsored by the 2009 New York ComicCon.