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Twisted Beats & Circus Feats  | Open: 02/21/13 Close: 03/03/13

       A breathtaking fusion of clowning, contortion, story telling, hip hop, puppetry and general ridiculousness that addresses the simple questions in life: Are we happy with what we have? And if not, could we possibly be taking certain things for granted?

       Jesse Horne and Simone Lazar are the founding members of Circadelix. Seamlessly blending traditional circus disciplines such as clowning, juggling and contortion with puppetry and hip hop rhyming, “Twisted Beats & Circus Feats” tells a uniquely heartfelt story through the eyes of a slightly deranged clown who, in his quest to become a hip-hop super star, falls in love with a wind-up ballerina. After a wonderfully successful debut at the Santa Cruz Fringe Festival this past July, Circadelix is excited to bring their show to new audiences and different countries.

       Jesse Horne and Simone Lazar met in 2010 at Circus Center San Francisco, where they were studying in the Clown Conservatory and Professional Aerial Program respectively. Being polar opposites in many ways, they soon realized they made a unique duo both on and off the stage. Jesse, with his background in street theater and improvisation, and Simone, with her classical ballet and aerial training, came together to form Circadelix.