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Dick Whittington: An Xmas Panto For Nyc  | Open: 12/21/12 Close: 12/29/12
Larger-than-life-characters, a fairytale love-story and a poor boy following his dream in the hustle and bustle of New York City, is the recipe for an all new family show for theatregoers this Yuletide. It’s all served up with a healthy dash of musical comedy and audience interaction to complete the feast of Panto, a British tradition dating back to the early days of the West End and now a staple of the festive season across the Pond.

Dick Whittington: An Xmas Panto for NYC is a lovingly crafted hybrid of the genre, set very firmly in the Big Apple. Our boy Dick – who, according to Panto tradition, is played by a girl – comes to New York City to seek fame and fortune on the P-Factor Talent Show, but is pitched against the dastardly forces of a bungling Mayor Gloomberg and his scheming new bride Sara Pain.

Dick finds an ally in talented street-performer, Cat, and wins the affections of the Pantomime Dame, Lady Goo-Goo – who, according to another Panto tradition, is played by a large man – as he rails against the Subway Rats, his main competition, and falls for Mayor Gloomberg’s adorable daughter, Alice.

The OPTimistiks achieved critical acclaim with its 2010 premiere, Billy Carver & the Children in Mind, Montserrat Mendez’s play about a J.K. Rowling-type author. The company serves up this winning bag of delights to offer New Yorkers a new Christmas tradition, one that is fun and affordable for families.   

Directed by Jenny Lee Mitchell, Dick Whittington: A New York Xmas Panto is written by Jenny Green and May McLaughlin with original music and lyrics by Kevin Hammonds, Teresa Lotz and William TN Hall. The production stars Mitchell Wayne (Good Fairy Winfree/Cat), James Parks (Madrat Merdock/Hooray Henry), Aimee Whelan (Dick Whittington), Anwen Darcy (Alice), Will Shaw (Mayor Gloomberg), Matthew Borroso (Lady GooGoo), Carol Lee Sirogo (Ratatwhoie), John DiSciascio (Rhatatat), Ella Mische (Ratiquah), Jenny D Green (Sarah Pain), Ashleigh Awusie (Eugenie), Claudia Morcroft (Beatrice) and Laysha Duran (Entourage). The production team includes Michael Hopewell (Musical Director), Mitchell Wayne (Choreographer), John Peery (Scenic Designer), Jenny Green (Costume Design), Kia Rogers (Lighting Design), Aldo Perez (Sound Design), Lucia Lee (Projection Design), JiYe Kim (Videographer), Wes Seales (Assistant Director), Cornelia Jensen (Additional Design), and Billie Aken-Tyers (Wardrobe Mistress).