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Ivanov  | Open: 10/05/12 Close: 10/20/12
According to popular culture, 30 is the new 20, but the body and soul often disagrees. Meet Nikolai Ivanov. He just turned 30. His wife is dying. The young, blossoming woman next door is much too attractive. His neighbors are gossiping nonstop about him. His closest friends are—well, let’s just say they’re caught up in other issues. And above it all, the crushing melancholy and weariness of not-so-middle age threatens to extinguish the remnants of his hope and pride at any moment. So what’s a man to do? What can any of us do when life just becomes too much to bear?

PS. This is a comedy. We promise.

Cast: Britannie Bond* (Sasha), Christopher Bonewitz* (Ivanov), Vichet Chum* (Yegorushka), Timothy J. Cox* (Lebedyev),Nate Dendy* (Borkin), Natalie Hegg* (Natasha), Judith Ingber (Avdotya), Jordan Kaplan* (Doctor Lvov), Emily Kitchens* (Anna), Patricia Lynn* (Martha), Brian Keith MacDonald* (Shabelsky), Kyle Schaefer* (Kossih), Kymberly Tuttle (Zinaida *Appears courtesy of Actor’s Equity. An Equity Approved Showcase


The Hunger and Thirst Theatre Collective is an emerging theatre company dedicated to presenting the classics in a simple, unique way. HTTC wholeheartedly believes that theatre is a communal, familial, and joyous art form and strives to share that uplifting experience with its audience.

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The Misanthrope  | Open: 07/26/13 Close: 07/27/13
Hand-written missives become ever-chiming texts and lacy corsets pair with flannel shirts in Hunger and Thirst Theatre Collective’s production of Molière’s The Misanthrope, mixing 17th-century French aristocratic society with today’s Brooklyn hipsters to illuminate the backstabbing politics of social circles that exist in every culture and generation. The classic comedy concerns Alceste, whom although he feels it is his duty to call out the superficiality and stupidity he sees before him, is head over heels for the much sought after Célimène, a frivolous flirt that embodies everything he claims to despise. The production features original compositions by John Maggi (whose works have been performed at The Kennedy Center and the Oregon Bach Festival) to be performed by the acting ensemble using smartphones. 

 Hunger and Thirst Theatre Collective, which premiered last season with an intimate production of Anton Chekhov’s Ivanov, a “wondrous, vivid evening of theatre” (Quazen.Com),  is committed to the idea that an artistic community should be cultivated between artists and other artists, artists and their audience, and artists and the greater community. The company focuses on plays with timeless themes that connect all generations while striving to expand the audience’s experience and the company’s impact beyond the time spent within the four walls of the theater.

The cast features Matthew Ellis Murphy (Guthrie Theater, Sonnet Rep) and Ashley Wickett (American Conservatory Theater) in the lead roles of Alceste and Célimène, as well as Sheila Bandyopadhyay, Christopher Bonewitz, Ashley Downey, Jordan Kaplan, Patricia Lynn, Zak Risinger, and John Tracey. Sets by Elle Kunnos de Voss; Costumes by Jessa-Raye Court; Lighting by Rebecca Buck; Stage Manager is Rachel Manheimer. 

About the Company: The Hunger and Thirst Theatre Collective