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  Starting out was rocky

Red Barn Studio is the creation of husband and wife team Steve Bakunas & Linda Lavin.
Four years ago, they purchased the house on the hill, just next door. During an extensive renovation, problems such as the theft of Steve’s tools, stolen cars left in the alley, and four stitches over Steve’s eye after confronting a burglar at work, made them wonder if they had made a mistake.

With a little help from friends

After much thought, they decided that if they could purchase additional properties in the area, perhaps they could affect the neighborhood in a positive way. They were able to arrange the purchase of four other properties, and with the help of their friend Mike O’Neil, they embarked on completely renovating all five houses.  During the process, another neighborhood property came on the market – the building that now houses the Red Barn. At the time, the building was being used as a garage/warehouse, and Steve and Linda decided to buy it.

How a garage became a top-notch theatre!

In the fall of 2006, while Linda was directing Steve and Mike in “Art” for Theatre Exchange, Steve (who was designing and building the set) saw the advantages of building the set in the “warehouse.” Eventually rehearsals were moved there. After the success of that experiment, the process was repeated for Big Dawg’s “Moby Dick Rehearsed.” When another friend, actor and teacher Peter Jurasik, asked if they knew of a place he could give classes and workshops, Linda and Steve decided to surrender to the inevitable – and the Red Barn Studio was born.
Mike and Steve completely renovated the building, a process which included the removal of the automotive lifts, relocating walls, insulating, replacing the exterior, rewiring, adding bathrooms and a light booth, and installing a grid for the theatrical lighting package.

Where did the name come from?

The Red Barn Studio’s name was inspired by the classic childhood fantasy – a stock feature from movies of a certain era – of children getting together to create theatre. “My dad has a barn, let’s put on a show.”


What was the first production at The Red Barn Studio Theatre?

The Red Barn opened in April of 2007 with a production of the John Patrick Shanley drama, “Doubt.”

Schedule of Upcoming Productions

No New Productions Scheduled

Production History

Positions  | Open: 10/10/12 Close: 10/21/12
POSITIONS is an entertaining and provocative look at sexual dysfunction in a marriage:  when Leo and Hilary's union begins to fail in the bedroom, Leo
suggests they re-engage by trying "52 positions" -- a different one each week of the year.  What transpires is both playful and menacing as tables are turned in a clash between romance and desire.

The cast of POSITIONS includes Mike O'Neil, Michele Gagliano and Anna Stromberg.  The play is directed by Mr. Bakunas.

POSITIONS had its world-premiere at The Red Barn Studio Theatre earlier this year. Located in Wilmington, NC, Red Barn Studio Theatre is a 50-seat theatre -- a converted garage/warehouse -- renovated and opened by husband-and-wife Mr. Bakunas and Ms. Lavin in 2007.  The theatre has presented 15 productions over five seasons, including DRIVING MISS DAISY, DOUBT, I AM MY OWN
WIFE, BOSTON MARRIAGE, THE TALE OF THE ALLERGIST'S WIFE, LOBBY HERO, GOD OF CARNAGE, RABBIT HOLE, and COLLECTED STORIES.  POSITIONS is Mr. Dunne's first play, Red Barn's first world premiere and its first production to transfer to New York.

Mr. Bakunas has directed Red Barn's productions of GOD OF CARNAGE, LOBBY HERO, THE TALE OF THE ALLERGIST'S WIFE and COLLECTED STORIES.