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Smitten and Bitten: 8 Stages of a Relationship  | Open: 09/11/12 Close: 09/16/12

Show Title:Smitten & Bitten : 8 Stages of a Relationship

About:8 playwrights take comic, whimsical, and sometimes poignant looks at the humor and heartbreak of the different stages in a relationship.

Venue Name:The Gene Frankel Theatre

Venue Address: 24 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012 (Between Lafayette and Bowery)

Producer or Producing Company: Lightyear Production

Director: Syeus Mottel

Co-Produced By:Ivette Dumeng/Liana Afuni

Stage Manager: Zooey Gold Dust Barry

Author/Creator of the show:8 playwrights: Ken Kaissar, Jack Karp, Mike Poblete, Chris Raia, James Armstrong, Sally Deering, John Cappelletti, Joseph Samuel Wright.  

 Members of the cast:

                        Alyssa Block

                        Sarah Doe

                        Kyle DeSpiegler

                        Kelsey Mahoney

                        Rachel Buethe

                        Cameron Moir

                        Lore Kee

                        Liana Afuni

                        Max Rhyser

                        Pooya Mohseni

                        Sabina Maschi

                        Josh Marcantel

                        Michael Black




Telephone: Liana Afuni (617) 721-3238