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Cuba: Punto X  | Open: 09/20/12 Close: 09/30/12

The play takes place in 2020.  And the dictatorship of the Castro brothers is over.  According to expert analysts, through the years the military communist regime in Cuba, created several secret spots that were extracted from the geography of the Cuban archipelago.  One such site is the point X, somewhere in the Sierra Maestra Mountains.  At that point X, is in hiding, the former commander Eulalio and his assistant and lover, Yari. Both have spent several years in hiding, waiting to be rescued and smuggled out of the island.  Commander Eulalio was notable for its abuses and violation of human rights of many citizens.  Dozens of researchers supported by the International Commission for Human Rights, relentlessly pursue the fugitives, who are former members of the military apparatus, which distinguished themselves by their abuses and violations.  CUBA: POINT X, through its three characters, "Commander Eulalio", semi kidnapped girlfriend, "Yari", and the researcher, "Adrian", poses in fiction, a look of a future hypothetical situation in Cuba.  (Presented in Spanish with English subtitles)