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Limerence by Michael Lombardi  | Open: 08/17/12 Close: 09/08/12
This is a comedy about two brothers, Dickson Coxswain, a publisher, and Wally Coxswain, an Information Technology Specialist, whose four girlfriends try to help them both find true love.  It takes place one Friday night in a metropolitan area in an apartment and the outside club.  It involves the themes of love as a cause of suffering, the uncertainty of gender, and the folly of ambition.

A “limerence” is an obsessive like crush, an infatuation that is based most often on a complete projected idealized fiction, and usually not based on the real person themself.  It is a part of the human experience, and has been around sense people started believing in Aphrodite, or that Eros or Cupid shot arrows into unsuspecting victims, or even love potions made people fall in love with the first person they laid eyes on.