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Hadrian's Wall  | Open: 08/10/12 Close: 08/19/12
 Ramona is the brilliant archaeologist everyone has their eye on– or at least, she was, before she was

accused of looting from a site over a decade ago.  Now her biggest concerns are finishing the Sunday

crossword and her growing collection of dusty library books.


David is the lawyer, friend and once jealous boyfriend who somehow manages to keep up with

her. He considers it his job to keep his rather uncooperative client out of jail and bring her Chinese



Amy is the young PhD candidate who arrives just wanting to meet this local legend but winds up

just wanting to be close to her.  Her passion reminds Ramona what it’s like to want something – and



Chuck is a baby triceratops.


In one Greenwich Village apartment, they find love, betrayal, ancient mysteries, and secrets - big

ones.  Will Ramona’s ties to the past keep her living in it?


Two girls, a guy and a dinosaur.


The production stars Laura Siner* as Ramona, Rebecca White* (Off-Broadway’s The Exonerated

(director Bob Balaban)) as Amy, and Eric Rolland* as David.

*performing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association. AEA approved showcase.