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Lifelines Productions has been creating since 2003, and since 2009 has been doing shows at the Manhattan Repertory Theater, this being their 23rd stage appearance. Richard Thomas Henle was given the "Lifetime Acheivement Awar" at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre in December of 2012.

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FakeBook  | Open: 06/09/12 Close: 06/17/12
In this social media driven culture and reality based world, people like the true actress and true writer get lost in the shuffle. So how can they fight back for their chance in this new world?

Fakebook  | Open: 06/09/12 Close: 06/17/12
Fakebook is the story of what has become of our creative culture, as a struggling writer and a struggling actress attempt to expose the social media world and reality show craze, and use it for their own benefit

From The Inside  | Open: 03/07/12 Close: 03/11/12
From the Inside is the story about two brothers who struggle to work out their issues that have been constant since their youth. Also caught in this struggle are their friends, they all seek the advice and help of an analyst, whom they see, and she helps them uncover the many truths within and in so also uncovers many more issues within, even those that effect her.

About the Company: Lifelines Productions

This is Lifelines Productions 12th Stage outing at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre since Decmeber 2009. Lead by the writings of Richard Thomas Henle, the goal has been to bring a truthful experience to the off off broadway Stage, to also bring new talent to the stage that may or may not be on a stage before, we continue to strive and look for future collaborations with others.

Full Circle  | Open: 04/09/16 Close: 04/15/16
8 Friends make a pact as they graduate High School to come back together no matter what 10 years later at a reunion to catch up. 

Reality.....15 Minutes Till The End Of The World  | Open: 06/20/13 Close: 06/30/13
 This story is about a struggling writer who is stuck in a job writing for a small "rag" "gossip" magazine about D list celebrities and what they are up to, and his good friend that is making a name for herself in the world of television and cable tv and advertising, she gives him a chance to write for a tv show...however, its for a reality tv show. Taking it head on he tries to take this reality cast of 7, all of which have their own Major issues, a Texting Twitter Facebook Queen who wants to make a text term dictionary, a runner up on Americas next top model who wants her own show already, a tech guy who cant do anything unless an APP tells how too,  A typical Ladies man, or so who thinks, his girlfriend who puts up with his nonsense or so he thinks, another girl who is looking for the true meaning of love...everywhere, including Googling it. And then a man who is just a little bit odd, still walking around with his cassette walkman giant headphones, singing songs of the 80's, who hates all social media. All of this comes together as the writer tries to get these 7 to see things his way, when social media didnt exist.

About the Company: Lifelines Productions

Lifelines Productions has been creating since 2003 and to date has done 21 stage plays and 6 full films. Our goal is to bring cutting edge stories, diversity in casting, and different types of stories to go with those diversities. This is our 17th show at the Manhattan Repertory Theater

Reflection Rain  | Open: 08/02/14 Close: 08/07/14
Set a mystikal club, where the vibe is controlled by the sexy club owner and bartender and the amazing music that runs throughout. Also the RAIN has an effect on all that goes on, and the club goers that attend on a regular basis. Relationships beginning, Ending and some just working themselves out, all that set against the Mood of the club enhance the mystery of it all.