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Asylum  | Open: 12/13/12 Close: 12/14/12
Drama Royals proudly presents its 8th production to York College Theatre!


Gary's drug of choice is an addiction to lucid dreaming. Through careful study he has taught himself to control his dreams, whether this means living out erotic fantasies or talking philosophy with God and Satan. But Gary's mentally ill mother and other unexpected guests insist on crashing this alternate reality, as his waking and dreaming worlds intertwine.

Written By Keith Aisner
Directed By Freddy Gonzalez

Join us for this amazing production!

Only two days and three performances so be sure to catch it when its out!

SHOWTIMES: Dec. 13th (Thursday) @ 12p.m & 7p.m
Dec. 14th (Friday) @ 7p.m.

*For more information on how to RSVP or reserve seats ahead of time, please feel free to email ycdramaroyals@ymail.com*
Gary - Kevin Gomez
Angela/Woman - Danielle Gonzalez
Mother - Linda Mendivel
Davis - Bernard Smith
God/Dr. Capote - David Jones
Salesman - Tim Meadows
Satan - Michael Gillis
Frank - Jarrel Lynch
Suburbia  | Open: 03/01/12 Close: 03/02/12
After last semester’s production of David Ives’ witty, raucous and romantic comedy, Don Juan in Chicago, the Drama Royals presents Eric Bogosian’s intense, button-pushing drama, subUrbia.

subUrbia tells the tale of three young men who complain aimlessly about their current lives in their suburban environment. They discuss and defect race, relationships, religion, and many other taboo subjects without caring about whom they offend or why, all while drinking and smoking their days away in the parking lot of a local convenience store. As the story progresses, they are painfully reminded of their failures, both individual and collaborative, when a high school friend who has now attained success, returns for a reunion. Companionship is tested, insensitivity is frequent, and stereotypes are exploited in this darkly-funny and thought-provoking drama which first premiered at Broadway’s renowned Lincoln Center Theatre.

With depictions of alcohol and substance abuse, racial and sexual references, and plenty of profanity, please note that this production is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. Parental discretion is advised.


Directed by: Phil Williams

Lights by: Jarrel Lynch

Sounds by: Ian Tyrone Stephens

Stage Manager: Sebrena Mason

Promotional Manager: Alicia Gray


Theatre Arts 490 Advisor: Timothy J. Amrhein

Guest Designer: David T. Jones


Visit us on the web: www.suburbiaatyork.com