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 Tribute Theatre was born out of a deep love and admiration for the endurance of the classics. In these plays, paintings, sculptures and stories something has continued to alight the imagination for centuries, even millennia. What makes the classics endure? Why are Shakespeare and Aristophanes still great? What are the qualities of these works that allow people to connect to them across the span of time? 

Humanities artistic history endures, and Tribute appreciates and strives to adapt and advance classics into our world.

This is not to say that we ignore modern plays. Hardly. Classics do not endure out of simply being old. There is something in them that allows them to persist in our theaters. We search out those qualities in modern and new playwrights’ cannons. Our dedication to the performance of new work by new playwrights has only grown since we established in 2010.


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Play The Dead March  | Open: 02/16/12 Close: 02/19/12
 What happens when a man lives without thousands of years of inherited mysticism and superstition?

What happens after he dies?

Rocky’s dead. He stopped by the Oasis bar and grille looking for love and purpose, but found his doom instead. Retreating into a desert too mean for anyone to survive in, Rocky meets four party-hard grim reapers who ask him to recount his tale. Join us as Rocky tells his story of star-crossed love, sibling rivalry, and rock n’ roll and we’ll Play the Dead March.

The Bartender says it best:

 “Well it’s all about running from ghosts. And what else? You die and come back to life, but only three times for some fucking reason. Which always fucks with my head. Plus, there’s high scores, which are pretty weird to think about. Just… “you’re dead, but here’s how well you did…” When a man passes out from heat stroke or a cold sleep, or - well, I suppose whenever a man dies, but his brains are intact - his mind will still be alive, just for a little while. And in that little while, he’ll have a feverish kind of dream. His brain shuts down around him, but as long as there’s just one flicker left, I suspect he’s still doing something in that head… So at the end, you’re just left with one piece of yourself - whatever that is - like, I don’t know, a memory or a feeling or something. And that’s an afterlife.”