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Christmas Weekend  | Open: 12/09/11 Close: 12/10/11
Ian, the eldest child, arrives home on Christmas Eve with a decision. But telling his parents won't be easy. He knows they are counting on him. Mummie is so happy her first born son is home from college. Christmas wouldn't be the same without him. Daddie is too. But could he just get more affection from his spouse? Trevor, the younger son doesn't seem concerned about much except being in his room and talking to his girlfriend. While their daughter Robin is looking to break free from her family's "old-fashioned" ways. In a Caribbean family things stay the same, and sometimes they change.

Starring Melissa Scott, Sol Goode, Everton L. Bailey, Nikita Legall and James Egbuta
Written & Directed by Nigel Barto
Music performed by
Show Dates:
FRI DEC 9  8:00 PM
SAT DEC 10  3:00 PM
SAT DEC 10  8:00 PM
Too Late  | Open: 07/16/13 Close: 07/20/13

Set against the backdrop of a small Maryland beach town, "Too Late" is a story of betrayal and forgiveness, of despair and hope... of love. The Lacey family struggles through an August they will never forget as the sudden death of the youngest family member threatens to destroy four generations of their already fractured family.

Despite a patriarch suffering from dementia, an aunt finding comfort in alcohol, and an uncle and his son sorting through their troubled relationship, the family searches for the truth. When the deceased's absentee father shows up to 'set the record straight' with his son's mother, things only get more interesting.

"Too Late" is written and directed by Nigel Barto, a Caribbean American playwright, novelist, and poet. Starring: Robert Starks, Dondrie Burnham, Wanda Nobles Colon, Adrian Luke Sinclair, Dennis Johnson, Anthony Harper, James Egbuta, Ishani Das, and Stacey Clarke

"Too Late" premieres off-Broadway on July 16, and runs for 5 evening performances at the Poet's Den Theater in the East Harlem Arts District. For more details, go to