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NYC based Giraffe Players is an ambitious and fresh team of actors from different walks of life.  Each of the Giraffe Players brings their own unique talents and skills to work towards a common goal: to challenge and support each other to perform at the top of their wit and imagination towards the greater group objective: "Let's make it happen!"

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Production History

Fifth Planet And Other Plays  | Open: 11/11/11 Close: 11/13/11
In a seemingly endless season of overcast skies and rainy weather, the clouds clear and present to you: a hip, fresh production of David Auburn’s Fifth Planet and Other Plays.  This delightful series of one-acts by the award-winning playwright, who won both the Pulitzer and Tony for his play Proof, dives into the depths of relationships and the humor that inevitably occurs between people from different walks of life. 

As we contemplate the most complex concepts of the universe, try to navigate a foreign country, or stress about personal responsibilities and obligations, it always seems that relationships amongst humans are the most complicated concepts out there.  The characters steer through their worlds, with some acts only ten minutes long, and they all come full circle to eventually reveal the ultimate inner truth: “How the hell did we get here?!” 

At the helm of this ambitious opening production for the Giraffe Players is Director Samir Yousef Mahadin.  The show will incorporate sets and environments that will be expressed through the endless creative options of the projection screen, headed by Artist/Technical Director Darryl Specht.  Minimal props make this a sharp and cleverly economical production for the fall season.