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Finding Carlton - Uncovering The Story Of Jazz In India  | Open: 11/04/11 Close: 11/04/11

In the story of one musician, there are the stories of many others.
Finding Carlton tells the story of a bygone age of jazz in India through the
moving portrait of one of its last survivors, the bebop guitarist Carlton
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Weaving verite scenes of Carltons isolated, impoverished, yet
passionately dedicated existence with archival material and poignant
encounters with other artists, the film uncovers an untold story of cultural cross-pollination.
As the film progresses, intertwined stories emerge: a pre war African-American diaspora
 of jazz musicians who went to India, American Army presence in
Calcutta during WWII, Jazz in Bollywood and a vibrant and passionate jazz culture, and most of all,
the universal story of the working jazz musician. 
A jazz film that speaks from the heart. it combines musical perfromances and archival music  to accentuate a story that spans a historical arc from 1926 to the  1980s  
Finding Carlton revives the intense power of a largely undocumented jazz movement.
Learn more about this film at www.findingcarlton.com

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