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Katharsis Performance Project was founded in 2007 to present plays written and directed by Fulya Peker. Its first play, Requiem Aeternam Deo (A Play for Everyone and Nobody), was presented at the Kraine Theater in NYC. The plays of Katharsis Performance Project, inspired by metaphorical analogies between physiology and existential philosophy, explore ecstatic states of human consciousness (fear, sexuality and cruelty, etc.) through new forms of textual, physical, and vocal expressions, while revealing the relation between taboo and transgression, leading the audience into an experimental cathartic experience.

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The Plague (a Play For Everyone And Nobody)  | Open: 09/16/11 Close: 09/25/11
With the world premiere of The Plague (A Play for Everyone and Nobody) Katharsis Performance Project presents a poetic journey inspired by Anatolian limerick patterns, while focusing on the physical and verbal effects of rationality on human beings, whose minds and bodies are forced to be separated.

A watchman, after guarding the houses of quarantined plague victims during the Black Death, comes from the dusty path of history to tell us about the plague of reason. The hidden truth this messenger reveals will re-invigorate our gradually petrifying bodies, which are enslaved by callused 'why' questions, and our paralyzed limbs, which are imprisoned in our unresponsive minds. The verbs will get away from echoing in the abyss and re-activate their own subjects.

Performances by E. James Ford, Steven Carlino, Cesare Papetti, Timothy R. Pickerill, Benjamin Stuber

Watch A PROLOGUE for The Plague