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 SUITE HISPANIA is a Washington, D.C. based non-profit musical and dance group that came into being in 2007 after having been awarded a grant from the Ministry of Culture of Spain. Its aim is to give a fresh and innovative interpretation to the music and dance that represent the rich and wide-ranging cultural mosaic of Spain. Suite Hispania has brought together diverse artists from the United States and Spain, whose fertile encounter has given rise to musical collaborations in which the traditional blends with the contemporary, the flamenco guitar with the classical keyboard, and the operatic voice with the intricate movements of dancers whose performance tradition can be traced to the first millennium.  

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Amores Quebrados  | Open: 08/11/11 Close: 08/21/11






SUITE HISPANIAin conjunction with REPERTORIO ESPANOL is pleased to present AMORES QUEBRADOS (Broken Love), the love songs of Federico Garcia Lorca, music, song, and flamenco recital under the musical direction of Ignacio Prego.  AMORES QUEBRADOS will play eight performances only at Repertorio Español’s Gramercy Arts Theatre (138 East 27th Street, NYC). Performances begin Thursday, August 11 and continue through Sunday, August 21.  Press are invited to all performances.





A delightful musical event that explores Federico García Lorca’s many talents: poet, composer and pianist. At first glance, Lorca’s songs seem to speak about Spain’s history, its landscapes and its traditions, but they also whisper suggestive flirts, passionate aspirations, lost loves and feelings that transcend frontiers and pre-conceptions.


“Amores quebrados” explores aspects of Lorca as poet, composer, and pianist. In his musical arrangements and compositions one can hear popular songs as well as the zéjeles (poems sung by the Spanish Arabs) of Al Andalus, the melodies of Ancient Persia, the ballads of the Middle Ages, and the melodic laments of Jews, Byzantines, and Gypsies who left their mark on Andalusian poetry and on the cante jondo (deep song) of flamenco. Lorca, the musician who became a poet, was also inspired by many classical composers whose works he greatly treasured.


What the press has said about Suite Hispania and its musical director, Ignacio Prego:


“Startling intensity… concentrated energy… breathtaking!”-Washington Post;


“[Ignacio Prego] is one of the Spanish pianists with the most range and versatility on the classical scene.”–El Mundo, Spain;


“The piano was perfectly apposite in that it produced an enviable sound, in addition to his possessing a sense of rhythm, which he made to appear as if it were easy.”-International Festival of Segovia Juan de Borbón Foundation, Spain;


Delighted the audience with exquisite sonority, great agility, examples of technical control and perfection”– Diario Insular de Menorca, Spain.

“Extraordinary versatility … they came to exquisiteness!”  -The Journal Scherzo

With fourteen musical numbers Amores quebrados will enthrall audiences and introduce them to the talent of world renowned performers including Salva de María (flamenco guitar), María Martínez (cello), Odei Lizaso (percussion), Ignacio Prego (piano), Amaya Arberas (soprano), and Nélida Tirado (flamenco and classical Spanish dance).


Amores Quebradosplays the following schedule:


Thursday, August 11 – 7pm

Friday, August 12 – 8pm

Saturday, August 13 – 8pm

Sunday, August 14 – 2:30pm

Thursday, August 18 – 7pm

Friday, August 19 – 8pm

Saturday, August 20 – 8pm

 Sunday, August 21 – 2:30pm