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fandango 4's missions is to present original work that uses the theatre as a mirror to reflect the world back to its audience in a powerful way through a variety of tones and styles.

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THE WORLD IS MY CHEESECAKE: 7 Short Plays of Memory, Loss, Memory Loss, Love, Fate, Death & Marriage  | Open: 09/06/11 Close: 09/17/11
Mind The Gap Theatre Company and fandango 4 productions present a multi-course evening of short plays by Award-Winning Playwright Daniel Damiano;  from from a man’s quest to find the cause of his ridiculously short attention span, to a stoic motivational speaker’s moment of vulnerability, to two men’s desperate need to deflect their loneliness, to a woman’s reaction to her long-time boyfriend’s profound question, to a most unusual tea gathering between two English women, to a senior couple’s trials in dealing with their newly diagnosed illnesses and, finally, to a couple’s culinary quest that ultimately becomes a reflection of their marriage.  

Starring Judy Alvarez, Sue Glausen, Emma Gordon, Richard Kent Green*, Kate Greer*, Justin Herfel*, Michael Janove*, DH Johnson*, Simon Pearl*, George Stavropoulos, Stuart Williams & Anna Emily Wood.