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 THE HIVE THEATRE is deeply committed to nurturing artists in and around the New York City metro area, of all ages, types and backgrounds. We provide affordable productions that engage audiences as participants in an immersive theatrical event. Our core values include DEVISE through collaboration with an emphasis on experimentation, EXPOSE what must be said, for those who won’t say it, and for those who refuse to hear it and ILLUMINATE our fears, because the truth is what scares us the most. The Hive co-creates by producing original works created from the ground up by the full company, reinventing the classics, and fostering the work of new and underexposed playwrights.

Schedule of Upcoming Productions

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Production History

A Brief History of the Soviet Union  | Open: 01/16/14 Close: 02/01/14
 The Hive Theatre dares to bring you the entire lifespan of the world’s largest country!  The mysteries of Lenin’s tomb!  The secret of Stalin’s death! The spying techniques of the KGB!  All shall be revealed! 100 years of history in 100 minutes! Four actors navigate between an array of juxtaposed Soviets who are living in the thick of some of the most pivotal moments of the past century. Farcical, approachable, sometimes sentimental, and always hilarious – “A Brief History” explores how similar people really are, regardless of how their regime may want them to live.

A Midsummer Night's Dream  | Open: 07/05/11 Close: 07/31/11
The Hiveand the cell have joined forces to present a modern re-imagining of Shakespeare’s classic, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, which casts Hermia and Lysander as lesbian lovers with Demetrius and Helena as a gay couple. This is not your grandmother’s MIDSUMMER, but a MIDSUMMER for 21st century NYC.  This production exposes contemporary America's sexual hang-ups and resistance to gay marriage.  Concepts of what constitutes gender, sexual-orientation and power will be explored and exploded!

 MIDSUMMER, the inaugural performance ofShakespeare in the Rear @ the cell, has audiences follow Shakespeare’s lost lovers in and out of doors as they make their way through an urban wilderness. From the cell’s magnificent townhouse interior to its brand new outdoor garden salon, we join the lovers as they journey from a lavish if oppressive high-society gala to a wild outdoor bacchanal of every fetish imaginable--filled with delectable and dangerous fairies straight out of everyone’s fantasies and fears.  

Bad Evidence  | Open: 07/07/11 Close: 07/31/11
the cell and The Hive have joined forces to present a smoldering portrait of contemporary relationships.

A faltering marriage compels a husband and wife to make a pact - to confess searing truths in the heat of passion.  The exposure leads to a confrontation with four of their friends, and even deeper revelations.