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DA’ Right Entertainment seeks to bring joy, foster hope, and evoke emotions as it endeavors to provide World Changing Entertainment.

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Love Happened By Chance  | Open: 09/29/11 Close: 10/02/11
DA’ Right Entertainment Kicks of its inaugural season with the world premiere of the inspirational stage play with music Love Happened by Chance written by Twana Lawler, with Music by Jerome Brooks Jr. and Directed by Dwight Ali Williams. Performances will be at the Roy Arias Theaters for one week only, September 29, 2011 – October 2, 2011. With a live taping on October 2, 2011

Denise Jones, A professional African-American woman, raising her four grandchildren did not have time to think about dating and she sure did not have the time to actually date. Her days were full taking care of her business needs as well as the needs of her grandchildren. Denise struggled to get to that place that the God intended, but she did not want to face the hurt that lingered within. When she was nearing a breakthrough she felt a lump in her breast. What more can happen to keep her from getting to that special place in life? By the urging of her friend she decided to visit a therapist. She needed a listening ear in order to share her family struggles and to let go of the pain. And while on her path to healing Body, Soul and Spirit, Love Happened By Chance

Red, White, And Reading Featuring Reginald Edmund’s Southbridge  | Open: 05/23/11 Close: 05/23/11
DA’ Right Entertainment presents Red, White, and Reading, a night of wine, dessert, and play reading showcasing Reginald Edmund’s Southbridge, directed by Mark Bloom.

In Reginald Edmund’s Southbridge, Christopher C. Davis, also known as “Stranger”, gets tangled up into an affair with a recently widowed older woman. When she turns up dead, all evidence points to “Stranger”. Now faced with a severe charge, “Stranger” has to figure out what's going on before he finds himself on the wrong end of the rope.

Reginald Edmund’s Southbridge is the winner of the Southern Playwrights Competition, 2011, and runner up for the Lorraine Hansberry Award and Rosa Parks National Playwriting Award, 2009.

Reginald Edmund is a southern playwright who creates within the world of urban mythology, tracing it from its African roots to its contemporary form in America.


About the Company: DA' Right Entertainment

DA’ Right Entertainment seeks to bring joy, foster hope, and evoke emotions as it endeavors to provide World Changing Entertainment.