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SITI COMPANY: Under Construction  | Open: 04/21/11 Close: 04/23/11
Under Construction is a collage of today’s America inspired by the twentieth-century painter Norman Rockwell and Jason Rhoades -- a controversial pop sculptor famed for his huge and messy installations before his premature death in 2006. Juxtaposing the artwork of these diametrically opposed sensibilities, Bogart and Mee poke into who we are, how we live, and what we want, while offering the portrait of a nation that is constantly reinventing itself, or permanently “under construction."

 When the play premiered at the 2009 Human Festival, it elicited extreme emotional responses from audience members, ranging from “wonderful and thought provoking” and “it must be experienced” to  “downright disturbing,”  and “stay away from this play."  SITI Company is now bringing the highly controversial work to New York City (Dance Theater Workshop) for a two and half week run only (Apr 21-May 7). 

Time magazine praised it as “a witty, sometimes mystifying, often riveting mishmash of classic Americana and anarchic performance art.”