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Bell, Book And Candle  | Open: 03/24/11 Close: 03/26/11
Gillian Holroyd is your average city girl: smart, sofisticated, and the most gifted witch living in the Big Apple. Having become bored with her everyday life, she casts a seductive spell over the man upstairs...only to find falling in love is not exactly a perfect art; especially with the scheming of her brother, a hair-brained, maiden aunt and a drunken author who's ready to spill the beans. Don't miss John Van Druten's classic play, Bell, Book and Candle!

Starring: Elizabeth Burke, Fernando Contreras, Jovier Q. Sanchez, Zachary Theis, and Ian Wehrle

Directed by: P. William Pinto
Set Design by: Kevin Rees

Three performances, March 24th, 25th, and 26th at 8pm

Tickets available at:
212-352-3101 or 866-811-4111

Visit us at!


MISS ROBUSTA STOPS THE SHOW  | Open: 03/26/15 Close: 03/28/15
A collection of your absolute favorite showstoppers encompassing over seven decades of music all in one show! Hosted by your favorite live-singing drag diva hostess with the mostest, Miss Robusta Capp!

Miss Robusta Lays a Bomb  | Open: 07/19/12 Close: 07/21/12
Miss Robusta Capp, our resident host(ess), takes you on a journey through over fifty years of Broadway's musical flops. From The Golden Apple to Carrie and from The Rocky Horror Show to Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, over 25 musical numbers will be performed j...ust for you in this all-singing and all-dancing huntiliscious extravaganza!!!

Starring Miss Robusta Capp

With the many talents of Jane Aquilina, Ambar Aranaga, Alexis Braxton, Greg Flaherty, James Stephen Longo, Jean-Paul Morales, Nancy Ellen Reinstein, Jillian Schiralli, and Siobhan Stevenson

With Ian Wehrle on the piano

Choreography by Nancy Ellen Reinstein and Jovier Q. Sanchez

Directed and conceived by P. William Pinto
Sordid Lives, A Play By Del Shores  | Open: 03/15/12 Close: 03/17/12
When Peggy, a good Christian woman, hits her head on the sink and bleeds to death (after tripping over her married lover's wooden legs), chaos erupts in Winters, Texas. With colorful eccentrics, lovable white trash, and the bitchiness of family Sordid Lives teeters on a B...owie knife's edge between the hilariously improbable and the achingly real.
The Cat's Meow  | Open: 04/04/13 Close: 04/06/13
Based on the true story of a mysterious Hollywood death, the play offers a fascinating cross section of Jazz Era characters who intersect for one notorious weekend on board William Randolph Hearst's yacht in 1924. Darkly comic and laced with clandestine romance, Hollywood excess, and steadily heated tensions, all of which erupt in a shocking act of violence. Bon Voyage! 

Starring in alphabetical order:
Jane Aquilina, Alexis Braxton, John Cencio Burgos, Greg Flaherty, Sarah Hill, Jean-Paul Morales, Will Reilly, Nancy Ellen Reinstein, Jovier Sanchez, Jillian Schiralli, Siobhan Stevenson, Camellia Tatara and Ian Werhle

Choreography by
Nancy Ellen Reinstein

Costume Design by
Jean-Paul Morales

Set Design by
Marcus Cooper