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Hush The Musical  | Open: 05/19/11 Close: 08/28/11
HUSH Wins Midwinter Madness Audience Appreciation Award

Sonorous Voices and Acutely Nuanced Performances-The DailyBeast/Newsweek

A Lively musical With a Positive Message-Reviewfix


HUSH The Musical! is a new original musical comedy strategically set in the VIP waiting room at LaGuardia airport during a blinding snowstorm which has inconveniently halted all departures. Two stranded, eccentric characters and their opposing philosophies are forced into a comical confrontation with humorous and delightful consequences. Georgia, a New Age rookie Buddhist meditation instructor encounters Othello Salviati, a successful and materialistic businessman. Other characters include a Wife, an inept Hit Man and a kooky Stewardess. Hush the Musical is Co-concieved/Produced by Charles Mandracchia & The Frizzi & Lazzi the Olde Time Italian-American Music & Theatre Company. Music is composed/Director by CHARLES MANDRACCHIA, Libretto by EMELISE ALEANDRI from Shhh, a play by Etta Cascini and Starring: SETH BLUM, DIANA FALZONE, EMELISE ALEANDRI, MADELN SCHWARTZ, TOMMY J DOSE, BLAIR ANDERSON, EMILY BILLIG, JIM ROUMELES, ISABEL CRISTINA ORBANDO & Musical Director MITCH MARCUS with ALISA HORN on Cello & YUIKO KAMAKARI on Violin.