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Flight  | Open: 03/23/11 Close: 04/10/11

Flight, written by Robyn Hunt, actress and co-founder/first artistic director of the San Diego Public Theatre and conceived and directed by international director/actor Steve Pearson, makes its New York premiere this March 2011.  Flight runs from March 23, 2011 - April 10, 2011 at The Connelly Theater, 220 East 4th Street in New York City.

An intriguing, aerial theatrical work about women fliers before World War I, Flight is a story of perseverance against physical and emotional hardship, courage in the face of great odds, and nurturing the spirit of personal determination.  

The setting:  a Parisian suburb in 1913. Madeleine and Sophie, two young French aviatrixes, struggle to assemble a Bleriot XI monoplane to fly in a long distance competition from Paris to Moscow. Actresses by profession, the women have taken a short break from performing in Chekhov’s The Seagull to visit their friend, mentor and former production manager, Jean Luc, because he has promised them resources that will enable them to fly; resources, it turns out, that they must literally put together.  The two women are also the subjects of a documentary which is being made by a woman filmmaker as they work to prepare the plane.  At a time when society considers flying a masculine endeavor and acting an unfavorable profession for a woman, will they succeed? Flight stars Lee Fitzpatrick as “Madeleine” and Jen Burry as “Sophie”, the two ambitious aviatrixes/actresses, Eric Bultman as Jean Luc, a former production manager and owner of the hangar where the women assemble the monoplane, Robyn Hunt as “Alisse”, a documentary film maker and old friend of Jean Luc, and William Shuler as “Gerard”,  a young actor in the theatre company who has accompanied the women on their weekend adventure.

Flight is the third in a trilogy of full-length productions by Ms. Hunt and Mr. Pearson inspired by Anton Chekhov’s plays that integrate art, history, and science with powerful, physically demanding performance.  Flight now makes its New York debut following initial workshop performances at University of South Carolina’s Center of Performance Experiment in November 2009, and performances this past May 2010 at Columbia, South Carolina’s Longstreet Theatre.

Flight is a presentation of Pacific Performance Project/East and is sponsored by the University of South Carolina.